Great prizes to be won in our first ever women's competition.....

For the first time this year we're including some women's races in the Fantasy Cycling calendar. We're running the Women's World Cup, nine races that reach across the season until the end of August. And there's some great prizes to be won!

The competition is now open and the first race, the Boels Rental Ronde van Drenthe, is tomorrow, with the stage deadline at 1000GMT. We don't have any game data for any of the women, because this is the first competition we've run, so the rider values are based on the ProCyclingStats  rankings. There may be some bargains hidden in there...

Great prizes to be won!

You can win super prizes from Wiggle in the Women's World Cup competition. There's a £500 dhb kit bundle for the winner, a £250 bundle for second place and third on the podium gets a selection of Lifeline kit worth £125. On top of that there's a pair of dhb 3-lens sunnies worth £29.99 for every stage winner.

Win just by picking a team!

As if that wasn't enough, there's a £200 dhb kit bundle up for grabs that we'll be giving to one player picked at random from everyone that enters a team. No need to be good, just being in it gets you the chance to win it!

No purist competition in the Women's World Cup

There's no purist prize for the Women's World Cup as like the Spring Classics there's unlimited transfers between every stage, which means everyone is effectively playing purist. If you're a premium member, you still get to pick two teams though.

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James Warrener [1086 posts] 3 years ago

This is a brilliant idea.

Really tricky to pick as I have to admit I am not as familiar with the women pro racers.

mooleur [537 posts] 3 years ago

Might be a nice little exercise for folks to get to know the women's scene a little better, and maybe encourage more folks to watch the racing! Which, imho, 80% of the time is way more "edge of seat" than the mens  1