MöBIUS Cycling launch 236g Infinity pedal on Kickstarter + video

Minimalist and lightweight pedal seeks Kickstarter funding to become a reality

by David Arthur @davearthur   March 13, 2014  

We like a good Kickstarter project here at road.cc, and this one really stands out. MöBIUS Cycling’s Infinity pedal is an extremely minimalist and lightweight pedal design, the work of engineer Sam Hunter, his first cycling product, and sets out to create a pedal that is really easy to engage and disengage. 

Sam has sought to design a lightweight and simple pedal design that solved frustrations he had with existing pedal systems and their lack of simplicity when it comes to clipping in and out. He's certainly succeeded in creating one of the lightest pedal systems around, the regular steel version weighing just 236g, and that’s including the cleats. A titanium version will drop the weight down to a claimed 190g.

There’s just one moving part in the engagement mechanism. This contributes to the lack of weight, it should be a very durable pedal system as there appears to be very little to go wrong with it, or wear out. It also looks rather easy to engage and disengage, judging by the video posted on the website. They say the pedal can be easily serviced to keep it running in good order.

The pedal will offer 5 degrees of float with an 18 degree release angle, and according to the Kickstarter page they’re looking at ways of making this user adjustable based on customer feedback.

We’ve seen a few interesting pedal designs crop up in recent years. I’m reminded of the Ultralite, a claimed 112g pedal that we wrote about back in 2012, which is itself similar to the AeroLite pedal. 

That idea of putting it on Kickstarter in the first place is to see if the product has legs based on whether it hits the funding target. The funding goal is $85,000 goal, they’re currently at $48,053 with 47 days to go. They have 314 backers. If you’re interested, the cheapest current pledge option is $149, which gets you a set of pedals in a choice of black, red, green or yellow colours. It’ll cost $35 to shop outside the US.

Provided they hit their funding goal, which we reckon they will, they will be delivered in September. More at www.kickstarter.com/projects/2099765898/the-infinity-pedal

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It looks like a neat design, but I'm curious about one thing mentioned in the video (and the patent wording): do people really need to look at their pedals to clip in? I mean, I get that it's frequently a PITA off-road, for specific reasons, but surely even then looking is not really required?

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posted by seven [126 posts]
13th March 2014 - 22:19


Critical but where's the progress if it's just one big love in...

The video, aside from appearing as a fairly tacky American engineering action film, doesn't actually explain the mechanics of the pedal. We see it clipping in very quickly on a jig so you can kind of work it out for yourself but isn't that missing the point with this style of video?

He's missing a huge, huge portion of the market whos shoes don't use 2-bolt SPD cleat fittings. That's almost every non-Shimano road shoe user wiped out.

Can't see this revolutionising the pedal myself but I love being proven wrong!

posted by nug8321 [28 posts]
13th March 2014 - 22:20


Love the idea of circular clip in, would want far less float though.
The answers to the questions are a little too wolly for my liking; I've commited to a few cycling projects and they were all more certain of their direction than this.

posted by Notsofast [69 posts]
13th March 2014 - 22:27


Hmmm, I can't work out if the springy cylinder bit rotates, or if the cleat just grinds around the springy cylinder bit. If it's the latter it'll wear out in no time.

posted by thelimopit [121 posts]
13th March 2014 - 22:31


nug8321 wrote:
We see it clipping in very quickly on a jig so you can kind of work it out for yourself but isn't that missing the point with this style of video?

The patent is very clear on how it works.

thelimopit wrote:
Hmmm, I can't work out if the springy cylinder bit rotates, or if the cleat just grinds around the springy cylinder bit. If it's the latter it'll wear out in no time.

Why would anyone design a pedal like that?

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posted by seven [126 posts]
13th March 2014 - 23:21


Pretty damned clever by the look of them.

posted by allez neg [4 posts]
14th March 2014 - 1:10


These do look interesting, just not at their entry price, a bit more than I expected. If they'll be even more expensive at launch I see no reason to jump on.

posted by bobcdc [19 posts]
14th March 2014 - 1:42


Do people really have that much trouble clipping in?

posted by mrkeith119 [88 posts]
14th March 2014 - 4:45


mrkeith119 wrote:
Do people really have that much trouble clipping in?

Keo Carbons almost made me sell my best bike. Till I gave them away and got Speedplay Zeros. Now no problem, but single sided pedals will never appear on any of my bikes ever again.

posted by robdaykin [163 posts]
14th March 2014 - 8:26


Looks to me like a very small contact area with the shoe sole. Much less than other pedals.

posted by carytb [53 posts]
14th March 2014 - 8:26


Eggbeaters all the way for me....

These look interesting though, good to see some innovation.

posted by seanbolton [164 posts]
14th March 2014 - 9:24


Looking at the images designed more for mtbing than road. Is there a 3 screw design for shoes ?

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posted by gbzpto [88 posts]
14th March 2014 - 9:38


gert lush.

posted by andyp [1348 posts]
14th March 2014 - 9:48


How sturdy are the guides that squeeze the pedal as you slide the shoe forward? They look thin enough to be bent by an inpact or by sticking a foot down at the wrong angle. If they are bent, does this mean you won't be able to clip in?

posted by adscrim [131 posts]
14th March 2014 - 10:55


From a mechanical design angle, these are pretty good, very basic moving parts and they look easily repairable/serviceable

If you look at the base plate for the shoe, the contact looks much bigger than a SPD so im not to sure why people are saying there is less...compare how much metal is actually in contact, not the size of the pedal and you will get the idea. Im not to sure that the ergonomics are right with the contact being so far forward from the screws?

I actually think these would be perfect for CX

Maybe Road.cc can get a set for testing..

posted by jason.timothy.jones [303 posts]
14th March 2014 - 11:14


They look ideal for commuting. purely because of the recessed cleat. I've never had an issue clipping/unclipping, especially with SPD's (though, since I started cycling i've always used clipless pedals).

posted by robthehungrymonkey [62 posts]
14th March 2014 - 11:47


Looks a neat design. The video obviously greatly exaggerated the engagement problems with SPDs in particular. I can clip into mine on and off road without any issues at all. But that still doesn't take anything away from his design. The only thing I've noticed is SPD cleats have slots to increase the range of attachment positions. These just have fixed bolts so the shoe has to provide the range. They also seem a very snug fit in the shoe cut out so this could again hinder cleat position in some shoes?

posted by BikeJon [72 posts]
14th March 2014 - 12:52


The cleats the weak point as far as I can see. It's a steel stamping with lips that could get gouged or bent if used off road so you could end up unable to clip in even if the pedal it self is fine. SPD's cleats are a lump of cast steel for a reason. I can also see the cleat clogging like buggery as it's taking the teeth and transferring them to the shoe and forcing them in to the mud every time you have to do a cyclo cross carry.

posted by MKultra [371 posts]
14th March 2014 - 12:59


be good to get the road cc test team to try them out. lots of opinion on surface area, clear wear etc, but lets see how they fair. its great to see some innovate design, saving 200 grams of your pedals might excite a lot of people.

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posted by Simmo72 [473 posts]
14th March 2014 - 13:54


We'll see if we can get some in to test, certainly be interesting to see how they perform

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posted by David Arthur @d... [2064 posts]
14th March 2014 - 22:56


Getting very close to their target as well - anyone else looking to back it?

posted by themartincox [445 posts]
28th April 2014 - 15:11


The Kickstarter page has a rendering of a planned three screw road shoe version of the cleat. (The pedal and cleat interface seem to be the same, just the way it mounts on the shoe is different.)

posted by armb [54 posts]
30th April 2014 - 10:53