Fresh new colours for Vulpine’s spring clothing range

Spring is in the air, the temperatures is rising, and Vulpine have released a lookbook and video showcasing their 2014 spring clothing range, featuring new merino boxer shorts, a cycling blazer and some fresh new colours across the range.

All of which you can see in this slick lookbook that Vulpine have produced, including a few short videos so it’s worth having a look. A nice touch they have added are the downloadable wallpaper photos for your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Check it out at http://lookbook.vulpine.cc/spring14, and here's the video.

Vulpine have in quite a short space of time garnered a good reputation among those cyclists valuing style, performance and fit, with garments that look as good off the bike as they do on it. They continue to offer a full range for both men and women, sticking to founder Nick Hussey’s goal of offering a 50/50 male/female range.

What’s new then? These merino boxer shorts are for a start, which Vulpine reckons are an ideal replacement for regular lycra cycling shorts. They seem like the ideal garment for city riding, you could wear them under trousers or shorts and get extra comfort from the Cytech insert, and probably wear them all day without having to get changed into civilian clothes. They’re made from 150 gram merino wool and are grey with Vulpine green detailing. They cost £45.

The other new product is the Oliver Spencer cycling blazer, which we’ve already covered on road.cc. To recap, it’s a limited edition blazer, the result of Vulpine collaborating with British menswear designer Oliver Spencer. It’s designed to be functional on the bike, with a water-resistant cotton fabric with underarm vents, reflective fabric, fold-back cuffs and slightly longer arms and back, so it fits well when in the riding position. It costs £295.

The Alpine jersey, a performance-cycling influenced top first introduced last year, is available in a new grey colour for men and blue and green for women. It's made from the same 180g Tasmanian merino wool Vulpine use for their other garments, which is great at wicking sweat away from your skin and stays smelling nice. It features a full-length zipper and a handful of pockets around the back.

There’s a new colour also for the Merino Polo shirt, a stylish number that looks good off the bike, and is just the thing for looking like a normal person on a bicycle, without pulling on a garish skintight lycra jersey. It’s a relaxed fit but tailored for cycling, available for men and women.

The Merino T also gets a new colour, a light blue, alongside the existing colour options. Available for men and women, it’s made from high-grade 180g Tasmanian merino wool with a relaxed fit, for women it’s little shorter in the body, cut in at the waist and wider at the hips.

New colours for the Merino button jersey above too. The Button, available for men and women, is becoming a staple of the range. Last year it was updated based on customer feedback, showing they listen to their customers closely. They cut it cut shorter at the waist, added silicone grip tape at the rear only, and added a larger valuables zip pocket.


Prices and more info at www.vulpine.cc

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