Road rage epidemic on the way

Survey warns that road users are angriest in Winter

by Tony Farrelly   November 18, 2008  

Road Rage © Demonike |

As if Winter wasn't bad enough what with dark nights, cold rain, and wet leaves a new survey warns of another hazard facing cyclists – a Winter road rage epidemic.

According to a survey of motorists by market research organisation GFK NOP – the time of year most likely to trigger a road rage attack is coming up fast! Thirty five per cent of men (by far the biggest offenders) said they were most likely to lose it behind the wheel in Winter time.

Other, er, highlights of the survey into bad behaviour on the roads:

26 per cent of mums said their children had been in the car when they were subject to motoring related abuse.

51 per cent of people admitted to shouting and swearing while driving. The particulary worrying thing about this stat is not the shouting and swearing, unpleasant though it is to be on the end of it, but that it appears to show that around 20 per cent of the road-using population are suffering from some form of temporary amnesia… or maybe it depends what you define as "swearing"?

30 per cent of men admitted getting out of their vehichles - not sure if bicycles were included in this - to confront other motorists… the wording suggests not.

6 per cent of the population admit to deliberately damaging another vehicle as a result of road rage, if true that adds up to 2.4 million drivers. Nice.