The Ride Journal issue 3 on sale Monday

All cycling life is here in third issue of one of our favourite tree-based publications

by Tony Farrelly   November 7, 2009  

Issue 3 of The Ride Journal is unleashed on the cycling world this Monday featuring the usual eclectic mix of thought provoking  and inspiring articles, photographs and illustration covering the full spectrum of the pedal-powered experience. Click on our gallery to read an excerpt – Mike Cotty's tribute to his back crew in this summer's Race Across the Alps – which is if anything even harder than it sound.

Inside this issue runs the full spectrum from late Thirties road racing to mountainbiking in Pakistan, getting arrested in New York to winning the downhill world championships. Road, mountain bike, bmx, freeride, commuting everyday. Everyone fits into the ride journal.

There's also Portland cyclo cross (there's some pics in our gallery), and a photo story of large format BMX photos  by George Marshall (also in the gallery).
As of Monday 9th November you can order a copy from The Ride Journal website or visit one of their ever expanding network of national and international stockists.