Derringer Cycles seek funding for vintage-inspired eBike

Yes, it’s just an excuse to show you some pretty pictures

by Mat Brett   January 7, 2014  

Derringer electric bike 1

Derringer Cycles from the USA are looking for crowdfunding to make electric bikes styled on board track motorcycles.

You probably know all about Kickstarter by now – we run enough stories here on on its bike-related projects [“Don’t you ever,” says everyone]. Essentially, a person or company goes to the website to explain their project and ask for backing. If you pledge cash you’re in line for a reward if the project reaches its full pledge target and goes ahead.

Los Angeles-based Derringer Cycles are after $75,000 to fund production of their electric bikes. Pledge a minimum of $3,500 and your reward will be a complete electric bike. Go to the Kickstarter page for details on other rewards. 

The frame is cromo steel, TIG welded in the Oregon, and the bikes are assembled in California. The lithium-ion battery is available in 37, 52, or 63-volt options, each with a 12.5 Ah capacity. The bikes are USA street legal: 750 watts and 20mph maximum speed. Some models feature a computer that allows owners to tune the bike up to either 2000 or 2800 watts. Ranges vary from 22 miles up to 38 miles (based on a 170lb rider on flat ground, no pedalling, at 20mph).

Derringer say, “The battery resides in an enclosure inspired by the fuel tanks from vintage board track racing motorcycles. It mounts in close proximity to the motor controller, minimizing unsightly wiring. The motor controller resides in a vented enclosure styled after the rear mounted oil tanks and tool boxes on early vintage motorcycles.”

Anyway, we just wanted to show you the bikes because we think they look neat. We really don’t know how pedalling one of these would feel although, judging by the short seat tube and saddle height, we don’t imagine it would be a lot like riding a normal bike.

For more info go to Kickstarter or Derringer Cycles’ own website

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posted by Al__S [417 posts]
7th January 2014 - 14:02

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Just wondered, how many of these Kickstarter/Crowdfunding cycling related projects get off the ground and make money?

Blood, Sweat & all the Gear with no Idea.

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posted by fatbastard [21 posts]
7th January 2014 - 15:26

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fatbastard wrote:
Just wondered, how many of these Kickstarter/Crowdfunding cycling related projects get off the ground and make money?

Couldn't tell you how many are profitable but loads that we've covered have reached their targets. For example...

posted by Mat Brett [1714 posts]
7th January 2014 - 15:41

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If it can't be pedalled with a degree of efficiency surely this functions more as an retro style electric moped rather than an electric bicycle Thinking

Fine around town but I would classify a true multipurpose electric bicycle as something you can easily pedal home if the battery is flat.


Silly me. You're probably right....

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posted by MercuryOne [928 posts]
8th January 2014 - 9:53

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