Howies Battle on the Beach brings beach racing to the UK

Pembrey Country Park in South Wales the venue; sand and singletrack loop promised

by Dave Atkinson   December 30, 2013  

Howies battle on the beach

If you enjoyed Jo's feature on beach racing in the Netherlands and you fancy a crack at it then you might be pleased to hear that the UK will have its very own beach race next year: Howies Battle on the Beach, on 16 March.

Unlike the classic Dutch beach races, which are out-and-back affairs along the edge of the North Sea, the Battle on the Beach will comprise a number of laps of an 8-10km loop that will take in "sand, dunes, singletrack and a few surprises" according to the event website. The location is Pembrey Country Park near Llanelli in South Wales, just along the coast from Pendine Sands where Guy Martin managed 112.94mph on his overgeared Rourke bike recently.

There will be £250 cash prizes for the male and female winners and there are vets, fun, novice, youth and fatbike categories too. The event will be electronically timed and fully route marked, and there'll be a bike wash to get all the grit off your pride and joy, as well as full event support and photography.

If you fancy a crack at the inaugural running of the race then entries open on 1 Jan and will cost £18; given the fact that it's currently the only beach race in the UK (that we know of) we'd expect them to go fairly quickly. The website doesn't state how many places there are, only that they're limited. So don't delay!

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i'm in, i mean, how hard can it be?

posted by VecchioJo [806 posts]
30th December 2013 - 13:24


It sounds REALLY hard!!!

posted by jarredscycling [457 posts]
30th December 2013 - 16:06


Guy Martin did 112 mph on sand. I reckon this will be a doddle.


posted by Some Fella [904 posts]
30th December 2013 - 16:57


Some Fella wrote:
Guy Martin did 112 mph on sand. I reckon this will be a doddle.


Wiggo: sideburns.
Guy Martin: mutton chops.

I reckon Seth from Emmerdale missed his calling.

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Gizmo_'s picture

posted by Gizmo_ [1221 posts]
30th December 2013 - 17:27


.."a number of laps" Confused surprised that the event doesn't actually state the time or distances - I'd like to know what I'm going to sign-up for rather than driving 150 miles for a 15 mile race?

Make mine an Italian with Campagnolo on the side

posted by monty dog [422 posts]
30th December 2013 - 17:43


We can't give an exact figure yet, but it will be between 30 and 40 kilometres in total. Lap length will be 8 to 10 kilometres and we are aiming for around 2hrs for the fastest riders.

We should have a firm lap/total distance by mid-January.

posted by mattpage [5 posts]
30th December 2013 - 22:15


In a fit of bravado I've just signed up for this, as it's relatively local and sounds like fun. Then I remembered that I've never actually ridden in a race before... Sick

posted by [168 posts]
2nd January 2014 - 11:13


Just entered. Gulp! How hard can it be?

David Arthur @davearthur's picture

posted by David Arthur @d... [2223 posts]
3rd January 2014 - 21:56