Wheels for Wellbeing launches appeal after arson attack

Charity that helps disabled people experience cycling loses 23 bikes and store room

by Simon_MacMichael   October 26, 2009  

Wheels for Wellbeing's Brockwell Park facility after the arson attack

A South-London based charity that helps disabled people experience cycling has made an appeal for donations after an arson attack earlier this month destroyed its collection of bikes and other equipment at one of the two locations it operates from.

The fire at Brockwell Park near Brixton, where the charity called Wheels for Wellbeing is based, resulted in the destruction of a dozen three- and four-wheeled bikes and 11 bicycles. It also means that the brick storeroom they were in can’t be used. The circumstances are being investigated by Brixton Police.

The charity has close ties to London Cycling Campaign (LCC), which quoted manager Janet Paske as saying: "As it stands, we can’t run any sessions from Brockwell Park until the spring.”
"That means the people who were coming to us for fun, fresh air and cycling will suffer because there is nowhere else near with the range of bikes that we offer."

She added, “We really need somewhere to store our bicycles, and perhaps to run our sessions too," and the charity has appealed for anyone who can help in this regard to get in touch through its website. It is also looking for monetary donations so it can rebuild its collection of bikes.

Wheels for Wellbeing also runs sessions in Croydon on Mondays and Saturdays, and these will continue as normal.