Lance Armstrong grows rabbit ears

No need to for Giro to redesign TT helmet though - it's for a kids' cartoon show

by Simon_MacMichael   October 21, 2009  

Lance Armstrong (pic courtesy Photosport International)

Lance Armstrong fans could be forgiven for wondering whether the seven-times Tour de France winner is having some kind of identity crisis right now.

Following last week’s revelation that Armstrong is to be played on stage by a woman, we now bring you the possibly more disturbing news that the Texan appears to have grown rabbit ears.

Armstrong appeared in the children’s cartoon Arthur on US TV as an animated rabbit, becoming the latest in a series of celebrity guest stars on the show in the paw prints – sorry, footsteps – of Bill Clinton, Matt Damon and Joan Rivers.

The plot of the new episode sees Arthur’s friend, a bulldog called Binky, push for bicycle lanes to be introduced in Elwood City, where they live, attempting to get voters to back the plan in the town’s election.

But Binky is not exactly an expert in these matters, and engages the help of Lance, in town to take part in a race, who explains how to run a campaign in support of a good cause, as well as passing on bike safety advice.

If this all sounds a bit more high-brow than your average kids’ cartoon nowadays, there’s a reason for that – Arthur, a US/Canadian co-production, airs on PBS in the US, which is known for its educational content, such as Sesame Street.

Arthur is also a regular feature on BBC One/CBBC, although it may be a while before this episode, which is part of season 13, hits these shores, since the BBC seems to still be on season 11.

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Was this really written on October 2009? Plain Face

The latest guest star of Arthur is Philip Seymour Hoffman. Lance Armstrong has previously guest starred in a season 12 episode, about a year ago. Bill Clinton never guest starred on Arthur. A president who looked and sounded like Bill Clinton was on a few episodes though.

This "new episode" you posted is the season 12 episode that aired a year ago. Lance Armstrong recently guest starred on the season 13 episode, titled "The Great MacGrady", where Arthur`s lunch lady is diagnosed with breast cancer.

BBC One/CBBC has aired season 11 episodes since late `07 and early `08. It has also aired season 13 episodes that have yet to be aired in North America.

posted by x3angie [1 posts]
25th October 2009 - 22:46


crikey! don't get the wrong side of the arthur nerds, obviously some people take this stuff seriously...

can't help thinking that it's not worth registering on a road biking website to showcase your arthur knowledge. but hey, maybe that's just me Plain Face and maybe xangie3 will be able to help fringe out with his 3-splined sprocket...

Barry Fry-up's picture

posted by Barry Fry-up [193 posts]
25th October 2009 - 22:56


maybe i'll send the three splined sprocket to Arthur and his mates...or Lance.

Fringe's picture

posted by Fringe [1095 posts]
26th October 2009 - 14:39


I hope she has better knowledge of that sprocket than I did!

I too think it an outrage to give inaccurate programming times and plot lines for Arthur! I have to admit to never having seen it, it sounds like heavy going though.

I think I'll stick with Family Guy...

Complicating matters since 1965

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posted by DaSy [690 posts]
26th October 2009 - 15:34