8ball Bikes introduce Author collection

London brand launches range of sub-£600 singlespeeds

by Mat Brett   December 10, 2013  


London-based 8ball Bikes have just launched their new Author collection of bikes. There are eight singlespeeds priced from £495 up to £599.

“The Author collection is a series of bicycles that hearken back to an age when cycling was a gentlemanly sport, enjoyed by participants clad in tweed and leather rather than the carbon and Lycra of today,” says 8ball Bikes’ James Middleton. “The frames, made from cromoly 4130 steel, are more reminiscent in geometry of a 1930’s path racer rather than a modern day road bike, with a long wheelbase and enough room for chunky tyres to soak up the worst of Britain’s urban and country roads.”

The bikes use Sturmey Archer for components like the bottom bracket, chainset and hubs, the idea being to give them a classic feel. They’re all finished with full leather trim including handlebar tape, toe straps and saddle. Those saddles are 8ball Bikes’ own, made from Australian cowhide. Each bicycle is hand assembled to order.

The Byron (above, £545), for example, is designed as a singlespeed randonneur, coming with a drop bar and Dia Compe bar end levers. It is supplied with a freewheel but you can run it fixed with the addition of a cog. The wheels comprise Black Rigida rims on Sturmey Archer hubs with chunky (35mm) Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres to add comfort. As well as a brown leather saddle, bar tape and toe straps, you get a leather saddlebag here.

Like the other bikes in the Author range, the Byron is available in three different sizes and three different colours: black, white and red.

The Stoker (£599) gets a moustache handlebar from California’s Soma Fabrications, along with wooden mudguards and a Soma Bullet headlight and rear light. There’s a brass Temple bell on there too. Across the range the tyres feature a reflective safety line and a Kevlar puncture-protection layer, and the bottom brackets use sealed cartridge bearings.

“We’re all about keeping maintenance to a minimum and the pleasure of riding to a maximum,” says James. “Why have style over substance when you can have both? That’s what an 8ball bike is all about: powered by humans, driven by style.

“At present the focus is on singlespeed / flipflop hubs, but I will be introducing some Sturmey Archer hub-geared models. I've also got a new batch of frames en route which are lugged and have a tighter geometry.”

For more information on the range head over to the 8ball Bikes website.

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Available in 'London phone box red'

What colour are phone boxes outside London?
Do they even have phones outside London yet?
Or paved roads?

Rolling Eyes

posted by Some Fella [840 posts]
10th December 2013 - 16:13


Could at least put 3 cable clips on the top tube!

harman_mogul's picture

posted by harman_mogul [158 posts]
10th December 2013 - 18:03


oh so close to getting it right, ok my personal pref is not the bar end brakes on drop bars, but if your going retro, use thin tubes, and a quill stem...and while im at it, a longer wheelbase and horizontal top tube

ok so not that close to getting it right, but props for having a go...better than i could do

posted by jason.timothy.jones [303 posts]
10th December 2013 - 19:32


In response to "Some Fella" the phone boxes in Hull are white...

Only place in the country they're not red (and for the pedants, or glass)

posted by mattb789 [21 posts]
10th December 2013 - 20:49


I'm all for returning to bike with style, but stylish bikes had horizontal top tubes and horizontal stems. I'm also not happy with bar-end brake levers on dropped bars, have you any idea how much damage they can do if you collide with a pedestrian?

Still, at least it has brakes, so many 'trendy' bike manufacturers seem to think you don't need a front brake on a bike with a fixed wheel.


posted by Grizzerly [154 posts]
11th December 2013 - 12:10


Grizzerly wrote:
have you any idea how much damage they can do if you collide with a pedestrian?

I'd imagine they would make less of an impact compared to either the part of your handlebars that or further forward and would hit them first or your front wheel, which would hit them before your any part of your handlebars.

Grizzerly wrote:
Still, at least it has brakes, so many 'trendy' bike manufacturers seem to think you don't need a front brake on a bike with a fixed wheel.

You don't.


(Just kidding)

posted by farrell [1601 posts]
11th December 2013 - 12:21


In response to "Some Fella" phone boxes in Hull are white...

Edit... I left this same comment last year when the article first ran... This is odd.

posted by mattb789 [21 posts]
8th June 2014 - 21:17


I am familiar with the white boxes of Hull - sorry for not responding earlier.
They are a fascinating anomaly and the story of Kingston Communications is both a tribute to British technical ingenuity and the depressing squandering of public resources after privatisation.

posted by Some Fella [840 posts]
8th June 2014 - 22:56

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