Video: Bike designer Mike Burrows in forthcoming documentary Bicycle: The Film

Lotus bike designer still as outspoken as ever about bike industry convservatism

by John Stevenson   December 5, 2013  

Mike Burrows

Bike designer Mike Burrows will feature in forthcoming feature documentary ‘Bicycle: The Film’ sharing his usual forthright opinions about the conservative state of the bike industry in the years before Chris Boardman’s 1992 Olympic pursuit victory.

That race was won on a bike Burrows designed and that was built by Lotus. In an era when bikes were still almost entirely built from metal tubes welded together, Burrows’ low-slung one-piece frame was a revolution.

It didn’t hurt that Boardman himself was the finest pursuit rider of his generation in the peak of his powers, but it was the carbon fibre bike with the British sports car maker’s logo that got all the attention.

In this video clip, Mike Burrows says: “It was 100 years since anybody had held up a bicycle and said, ‘This goes faster.’ Innovation just didn’t happen in cycling.”

The Burrows-Lotus bike (you can see its predecessor behind Mike in the video) opened the floodgates. In 1992 Miguel Indurain won the Tour de France on a succession of steel-framed bikes. In 1993 he rolled out for the time trials on the one-piece carbon fibre Pinarello Sword.

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WELL happy Burrows is in the film! Looking forward to it's release now!

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