Track series visits Glasgow

Rudy Project Racing team overtook Telegraph All Stars to lead the Revolution series on a night of high-quality racing at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow Saturday.

Sir Chris Hoy himself watched all the Round 2 action - Elite Championship, HOY Future Stars and a blend of elite sprint and endurance racing - as well as launching new products in the HOY range.

A talented line-up of Scottish riders also showed good form with Callum Skinner, Ross Edgar, Eileen Roe and Charline Joiner among those to delight the home crowd.

In the afternoon session, Jake Ragan (Champion System/Club Roost RT) dominated the UCI Points Race, the first Elite Championship of the day. Marcel Kalz and Nico Hesslich worked well together to secure second for Kalz, with Wim Stroetinga (Telegraph All Stars) third.

Ross Edgar then took a Scottish victory in the Elite Championship Flying Lap in at time of 13.836". Hesslich was second in 13.850", and Chris Latham (WD40) third (14.040").

Dutchman Jesper Asselman triumphed in the Elimination Race for Madison Genesis, with Scott Jacob (HMT-Sportscover) second and Austrian Andreas Muller (Madison Genesis) third.

Rudy Project RT provided the highlight of the evening with a fantastic ride in the 1km Madison Time Trial. Marcel Kalz and Nico Hesslich clocked 55.472" to take a comfortable win before targeting Hoy and Arnaud Tournant's world record of 54.549": "We will attack the #RevolutionSeries Record in #Manchester and #London," tweeted Hesslich.

Rudy Project RT have 78 points overall, lead standings by seven points from Telegraph All Stars (78). Team Sky sit third on 67 points and Rapha Condor JLT fourth on 64.

Away from the Elite Championship, a fine line-up of Scottish talent kept the crowd happy - particularly when Skinner beat Robert Kanter of Germany in the UCI Sprint Final and raised the biggest cheer of the night.

Roe took second in the points race, narrowly missing out to Nina Kessler (Boels-Dolmans), and another second place in the Elimination Race. Ciara Horne (Team USN) rode an superb race to lap the field and win. Elis Ligtlee of the Netherlands triumphed in the women's sprint final, and at the very end of the night, there was time for French duo Clara Sanchez and Quentin Lafargue to win the Keirin finals.

A minute's silence was observed at both the afternoon and evening sessions following the tragic accident in Glasgow on Friday evening.

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TrimmDich [46 posts] 3 years ago

I had a great day there on Saturday. Was there in the afternoon with my 2 year old daughter, got our tickets upgraded to track centre for free and she loved it. Her highlight was when the derny rider waved to her!

Was back in the evening with my brother and a friend who was attending his first every track cycling event and he really enjoyed it. The rapid fire scheduling of the events works really well and there was always something happening to keep the interest.

The only slight dissapointment was that the velodrome was not full. You would think with Glasgow 2014 track cycling being so oversubscribed that there would be enough demand to have had the place nearer to being full. I'm not sure if the organisers put in enough promotion around the city in the non cycling press etc. as a lot of folk I spoke to seemed to not be aware of the event. However that is slightly nit picking as it was still well attended and shows just how well cycling is doing. It just surely wouldn't have been that difficult to send an e-mail to those who applied for Glasgow 2014 to make them aware of the event.

rxpell [51 posts] 3 years ago

Surely one of the reasons it wasn't full was the big increase in ticket prices since the last one? I booked both sessions as soon as they went on sale and with booking fees the cost was the same as my season ticket for the UCI Junior Track Worlds. Great event though - highlight for me was Clara Sanchez winning Keirin.

On another note, I was expecting that the Hoy bikes would be on display in the foyer rather than track centre - would have liked to have had a look at them up close.

jollygoodvelo [1677 posts] 3 years ago

Also - Revolution Series isn't on free TV this year. So many less-committed fans won't know it's on...