Police appeal for witnesses in Gateshead bus death crash on 'dangerous' stretch of road

Cyclist and double decker bus collided in early hours of Saturday morning

by Sarah Barth   December 1, 2013  

Camborne Place and Durham Road, Gateshead © Google Streetview.png

Police are appealing for information about a fatal collision between a double decker bus and a cyclist in Gateshead.

The incident happened on a stretch of road campaigners say is particularly dangerous for cyclists.

At 4am on Saturday morning, Sat Nov 30, police and paramedics tried to save the life of the cyclist, hit near Shipcote Lane, but the unnamed man in his 30s was pronounced dead in hospital.

The crossing of Cambourne Place and Durham Road, where the incident happened, has a bus lane and a partial cycle lane. The road was closed until 9am yesterday.

There was no report of an arrest, and the bus driver was unharmed.

A spokesman for the bus firm told the BBC a full investigation would take place. Police appealed for witnesses.

Katja Leyendecker, of Newcastle Cycling Campaign, told Sky Tyne and Wear: "It is a tragedy that a young man has been killed.

"The A167 is a really, really bad road for cyclists.

"Basically; everything is wrong with it. There are partial cycle lanes in some sections, some sections with bus lanes for cyclists to share, and on other sections there is no provision at all.

"Traffic moves quickly and some drivers can be aggressive. It does not feel safe.

"The section where he has been killed, near the five bridges roundabout, is very, very difficult for cyclists to negotiate.

"It is a place we are calling for better provision. Every road in Newcastle and Gateshead that has a speed limit of 30mph and above should have a cycle specific space on it."

Anyone who was in the area and who witnessed the collision is asked to contact police with information on 101 ext 69191.

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"The bus driver was unharmed".

nowasps's picture

posted by nowasps [336 posts]
1st December 2013 - 14:29


Awful news for the family and friends of this guy, an awful incident with no finger wagging, yet if the road is misleading and inadequate then Gateshead Council should be liable for not providing safe cycling routes for all.

posted by Barry M [1 posts]
1st December 2013 - 15:23


I've driven this road on numerous occasions and i have to admit it is a nightmare for cars never mind a cyclist.

There are lots of sections of road where there is a cycle lane which then suddenly stops for no reason, not good at all.

My sincere condolences go to the family at this awful time.

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

posted by stumps [3181 posts]
1st December 2013 - 16:14


Horrible news, thoughts to the victims loved ones.

I've often cycled on the A167 between Durham and Newcastle and the buses are terrible at sharing the space with cyclists. I've had two very close encounters with Go North East buses, each time I've complained to them and had video footage showing how close they got. Both replies have come back saying they have reviewed the on-board footage and agreed that they were too close. Driver would apparently be advised but I doubt anything would have happened.

posted by NorthEastJimmy [54 posts]
1st December 2013 - 16:23


More sad news..

posted by hampstead_bandit [417 posts]
1st December 2013 - 21:17



posted by hampstead_bandit [417 posts]
1st December 2013 - 21:19


Sad news indeed.
Gotta note the local bus drivers in Plymouth are generally good and don't tailgate in bus lanes but there exceptions though an many at time I've been flat out with a bus 8 feet behind....what if I slipped off.

We're all entitled to a reasonable opinion!

posted by Guyz2010 [298 posts]
1st December 2013 - 21:51


Very sad, this is turning out to be a very bleak winter.
As stumps says, this is a crap enough road to drive, I wouldn't cycle on it. Typical stop-start painted lanes, lots of turnings, lights, 2 lanes of traffic and a main commuter route.

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posted by joemmo [1079 posts]
2nd December 2013 - 17:29