Hello all,
I've been using a KTM Strada 3500 for about a year. I was using the bike with a considerable ( Any comments welcome.


shay cycles [384 posts] 3 years ago

As you level the saddle you would probably need to move it a little forward and lower it a fraction. With it tilted you'd probably tend to sit towards the front rather than supporting yourself properly in the sit bones. If you just level it you'll naturally sit further back affecting your stroke.

Often the dropped nose of the saddle can also lead to shoulder and neck tension and pain and also extra weight on your hands which can cause numbness - all likely to kick in after a couple of hours.

Best advice is generally to make small changes gradually getting to the one you want.

PJ McNally [591 posts] 3 years ago

Yes - be careful you haven't moved the saddle fore or aft by mistake.

Lots of people mistakenly think you can adjust the reach (ie saddle to bars) by moving the saddle. I certainly did, for years.

You can't. Well, you can, but shouldn't. The saddle adjustment fore/aft is to get your legs appropriately over the pedals.

To adjust reach, you do it at the stem (if it's adjustable), or swap it for another length one if non-adjustable.

Efe M. Balli [14 posts] 3 years ago

Yes, I do tend to sit a little further back and that increases reach.
Setting the saddle forward helped a lot. It's set as far as it goes right now.

But now I am less comfortable in the drops and "phantom aerobars" position, as the tip of the saddle puts pressure on the nether regions. But I guess I'll have to get used to it.