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by edd23   November 28, 2013  

Hi, I have the opportunity to acquire a Focus Izalco 2 Team SL 2014 model with SRAM Red 22 from a friend that is being posted overseas with work (to Africa for 18 months Wave ).
The bike is perfect less than 100 dry autumn miles from new. I am in the market for a new bike but don't know much about Focus or SRAM. The bike is a good fit and I have ridden it and liked the feel of it. I have a decent budget and was in the market for, but have not yet ridden, a cannondale Synapse, Giant Defy Advanced SL, Cervelo R3 'sportive' type bike. To me the Focus is more an 'out and out' racer type of bike and will not be as comfortable as any of the above. Am I right or wrong and any comments good or bad about the Focus.


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I've ridden the 2013 model and while it's not terribly uncomfortable at the seat and hands, it was notably harsh on the feet. it's the only bike i've noticed it on - road vibrations really go up the chainstays and shake your feet around.

the major difference between it and the bikes you were thinking of will be in terms of geometry - something like a synapse or defy will be a bit more upright. if you are planning to race then the izalco could be great, but if you're wanting something you can ride all day then i'd stick to your plan A.

otherwise (and with the proviso above) the izalco is a really nice bike.

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posted by Jez Ash [91 posts]
28th November 2013 - 23:58

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You are right that the Izalco is more of a fully-slammed race bike in terms of geometry is unlikely to be as comfortable over longer distances and on bumpy British roads than the likes of the Defy, Synapse and similar sportive-style frames (Speccy Roubaix etc).

That said, Focus in general makes some great bikes - I have a 2007 Cayo which is still going strong and I believe the Izalco won BOTY last year so is clearly a good machine in its category. Focus in general are kind of the VW of bikes - not exactly sexy but very solid and effective in a Germanic kind of way and can't really go wrong at the price.

That said, just be honest with yourself and make sure you buy a bike whose geometry matches the kind of riding you do most. Too many people buy full-on race bikes through vanity/marketing/ignorance when they should really have bought something more sportive-specific.

posted by Yennings [206 posts]
29th November 2013 - 1:10

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I would echo the previous comments. I ride a 2009 Cayo, which is their equivalent of the bikes you have referred to as possibilites. The bikes major on the value stakes, but they make good bikes. I have a Shimano (Ultegra) rather than SRAM group, but many people like it.

It will be a good bike, but is the size and geometry for you?

Ride more, ride better

posted by Sniffer [126 posts]
29th November 2013 - 21:46

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Looking at the 2014 Izalco and the Cayo specs for a 54 frame the stack and reach are almost identical...I expected the Cayo to have shorter reach and taller stack (i.e more relaxed position) or have I got this whole frame geometry business wrong D Oh

posted by edd23 [34 posts]
30th November 2013 - 0:12

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