My eldest is really taking an interest in cycling now (7 years, but quite small for his age).

Ive been looking at the Moda Minor and the Islabikes Luath but he's still a tad short for either according to their size guides.

He would however fit the Battaglin Junior 22"
http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/FBB ... _road_bike

Wondering if anyone has any real world feed back on this (checked forum and nothing comes up) bike for smaller hands etc. Its all very well specced, especially when side by side with the Islabikes, do i take the plunge now and go for the 22" Battaglin or wait until June time and go for the 24" options.?

My heart says now as hes desperate to get out with me over Christmas for some longer rides that his MTB wont allow. My head says wait until the nicer weather by which time he will just about squeeze onto a 24"


gavben [56 posts] 4 years ago

Look at Decathlon too: my 10yr old has a 24" from them: also fits his 8yr old brother.