danger spots

by OldRidgeback   November 25, 2013  

I'd be curious which high risk junctions the police identify. I'd be surprised if the A3/A23 junction at Kennington doesn't end up on the list.


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BBC are showing the Bow roundabout of course:


I wonder, will more motorists or more cyclists be fined?

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posted by bikeboy76 [1424 posts]
25th November 2013 - 13:49


There was a community support officer at a junction where I rolled into an ASL this morning to wait at a red traffic light. Right behind me was a scooter which also rolled into the box. I called over to the CSO and she said "Did he touch you? They need to move ahead of the traffic also" or words to that effect. Seems like CSOs don't know the rules either, and certainly aren't interested in enforcing them Sad

posted by Pub bike [56 posts]
25th November 2013 - 15:24


I'm still amazed anyone still thinks the "police" give a toss about anyone not in or on a motor vehicle, they've made their bed and chose to lie in it.

posted by northstar [1110 posts]
25th November 2013 - 15:43