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by jova54   November 23, 2013  

Looking for a workshop bike repair stand that if possible is portable.

Anyone got any recommendations for ones they have/use?


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I don't think any of them are 'tuck it under your arm' portable, they weigh a lot which is good because it helps stop them falling over. No problem in a car boot or taking it from a flat to a garden though.

I've got a Minoura 1000 which was about £80 and works very well for mechanical work and cleaning the bike.

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23rd November 2013 - 19:24


I have a Topeak PrepStand Max:

Rather than holding the bike out from one side like some stands (the aforementioned Minoura for example), the bike sits atop the Topeak, with a cradle supporting the downtube before hooking under the bottom bracket, a threaded hook then holds the bike tight against the cradle. This hook can slide up and down the cradle so as to avoid bottle cages or whatever. While this is perhaps a little clunky compared to a clamp, having the weight of the bike push down on the stand actually helps keep things steady.

There's a fair range of height adjustment, lockable with a quick release handle, making it easy to lift or drop the bike up to a comfortable working position. You can also spin it around to get to the other side if need be.

There are grooves in the supporting cradle so that cables aren't squashed up the downtube and have a clear run to the back of the bike. The bottom bracket cable guide on one of my bikes doesn't sit perfectly in the cradle, but this doesn't seem to affect being able to tweak gears.

Although the stand's name alludes to it being for bike preparation, I've used it for multiple full bike builds without issue.

It folds down into a bag similar in size to those folding chairs you see everywhere. Certainly small enough to be left kicking around the back of my car, and definitely small and light enough to be classed as portable.

It's perhaps not as slick or sturdy as a 'proper' workshop stand, but I'd thoroughly recommend it for portable tinkering and more.

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24th November 2013 - 7:59


Depends what you mean by portable.

I have the "Bike Tool Aluminium Workstand" from Ribble which cost me fifty quid. It's light and folds neatly, but I'd be unlikely to stick it in a rucksack and take it on a tour. It's ideal for slinging in the back of the car though.

It's adjustable and strong enough to cope with 99% of maintenance and bike build jobs. I have taken the bike off the workstand to set about sticky bottom brackets, but it's coped with everything else.

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24th November 2013 - 8:43


Not sure if its Aldi or Lidl but both my dad and brother have bought the stand they sell. Its perfect for everyday cleaning and repair jobs.

The only problem is that they dont come up for sale to often.

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24th November 2013 - 9:44


Cheers for feedback guys.

I have a bike support/repair bracket that is similar to to top part of the Topeak stand but was designed to fit onto a Black and Decker workmate. It's about 20 years old and works pretty well but has a couple of shortfalls. The main problem apart from portability is that the gear cables on the down tube can get pinched and you spend ages faffing with the fine adjustment to get the index sorted.

When I said 'portable', I should have said collapsible and something I can chuck in the back of the car.

Looks like some of those above should fit the bill so time to add them to the Christmas list Big Grin

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posted by jova54 [628 posts]
24th November 2013 - 11:16


I bought the Lidl one (I think at the beginning of the summer?) and it's great for the price. 30 quid, I think it was - a tiny bit more fiddle than the expensive ones, I suspect, but it does the job very capably. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for it if you can wait. It weighs a lot though.

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24th November 2013 - 11:19


I have the revolution one from Edinburgh cycles. I picked it up cheap in the sales, a couple of years ago. No complaints so far.

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24th November 2013 - 14:10


Super Domestique wrote:
I have the revolution one from Edinburgh cycles. I picked it up cheap in the sales, a couple of years ago. No complaints so far.

same here, sturdy, stable and does a great job. I think Ribble sell the same one with different branding

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posted by joemmo [910 posts]
25th November 2013 - 15:56


Two suggestions at different ends of the spectrum.
The topeak flash stand is about £25 quid and is perfect for fitting a rear wheel or sorting out indexing. Sits under the BB and lifts the wheel up enough.
For more major work the Park Tools PCS-10 is solid and stands up to regular bike washing and being bumped around the house, you can also fit the ts-25 wheel truing stand to it, so it's kind of good value...

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25th November 2013 - 22:10