Some good points about the difficulties of using mirrors in bright sunlight or when it's raining. A good demonstration of the nearside artic blind spot when turning right, and an example of how the lower blind spot mirror can distort the image that the driver sees.

Interesting that the driver says that if current restrictions were relaxed, then there might be scope for restricting trucks at peak times. Would cyclists like to see more videos from an hgv driver's perspective?


severs1966 [417 posts] 4 years ago

Post videos from any perspective that you like, but stop the implied victim-blaming.

A couple of clips of how difficult it is for HGV drivers to see other road users only proves that HGVs are lethal to other road users. It does not imply that everyone else should be required to know how to drive an HGV before they go out and use a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car.

Sure, HGV drivers have difficulties. So does everyone. The next time a lorry squashes a law-abiding cyclist, don't try wheeling this out. It won't wash.

If there is such a thing as a vehicle that can't be driven safely, whatever the reason (mirror geometry, sunny weather, design of vehicle, time of day) then it shouldn't be driven. This applies to every vehicle on the carriageway. If you can't drive it safely, whether it is because of the vehicle, the driver, or external factors, the DON'T DRIVE IT.