Exmoor Beast

by Luminosity   November 15, 2013  

A little light viewing for a wet weekend...


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Really nice little video. I keep meaning to ride it next year.

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posted by William Black [196 posts]
15th November 2013 - 9:55


Thanks William. I think what impressed me most was the age range and sheer variety of cyclists taking part. I had an impression that it'd only be hardcore road cyclists - far from it.

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posted by Luminosity [73 posts]
16th January 2014 - 18:32


This is SideBurn country Cool
Last year they gave me a 'conflict of interests' (with running) because the event was the same day as 'The Exmoor Stagger' (Minehead to Dunkery Beacon and back). I did both in 2012 Cool
As long as they are not the same day again I will do it again this year!
Exmoor is a great place to be Love Struck

posted by SideBurn [836 posts]
17th January 2014 - 11:22


NIce, kudos for the vid'. I think I ay ride this year.

Take a deep breath, this is gonna hurt like hell....

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posted by peghook [9 posts]
20th January 2014 - 20:46


There's a new version of the Exmoor Beast video - in colour and with added footage. Had it stopped raining I might have actually been ON my bike rather than re-cutting it!


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posted by Luminosity [73 posts]
23rd January 2014 - 18:47


Rain? Has it been raining has it? It has been a bit, 'mildly moist' (by Exmoor standards) recently round here...

posted by SideBurn [836 posts]
24th January 2014 - 14:50


Haha. I got caught-out on a ride in the Peak District a few weeks ago. Met Office "real feel" -1 degree C with Biblical rain. Almost got hypothermia. So, avoiding rain pro tem (which being in the West Country is an almost impossibility...)

Although tomorrow should be good if windy.

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posted by Luminosity [73 posts]
24th January 2014 - 15:20