by Jezz   November 9, 2013  

After a 40 mile ride today in the pooring rain and having freezing hands, time for some new gloves, just wondering what people reccomend , dont want wet cold hands this winter , too old for that!! Sad Sad

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Looks at seal skin gloves a wiggle, the are almost completely waterproof and very warm

slightly more aerodynamic than a brick

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posted by HarveyMorcombe [48 posts]
9th November 2013 - 23:28


Various waterproof options, but even 100% ones like Sealskinz need a woolen liner glove if you feel the cold.

I was told there would be Cake. Luckily there's

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posted by KiwiMike [772 posts]
9th November 2013 - 23:50


Merino liners are the key

I've got Specialized long finger gloves for warmer spring/autumn days & SealSkinz Waterproof Winter for the worst weather.

Chucking a pair of SealSkinz Merino liners under either gives you an extra 5C or so of comfort below where they'd usually be useful. Liners are only about a tenner - cracking value

posted by VeloPeo [223 posts]
9th November 2013 - 23:54


Get a nice pair of warm gloves not too expensive ,then get ome marigold washing up gloves to go over the top keeps wind and rain out completly, my hands never suffer, Kiss

posted by issacforce [210 posts]
10th November 2013 - 9:37


Decathlon do some silk glove liners for £6.99 which are brilliant. Really thin but make a massive difference.

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posted by Swami Dave [58 posts]
10th November 2013 - 16:37


I had exactly the same experience on Saturday, no fun whatsoever.

I've just purchased and ridden home in a pair of Endura Deluges. So far they seem really warm and completely windproof. say they are totally waterproof. There is some padding, but not so much as to make you feel like you aren't connected to the bars. So far I'd recommend them.

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posted by tom_w [156 posts]
10th November 2013 - 18:24


Altura Shield does it for me. Pink ones were £10 a while back, but they're usually a bit more than that.

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posted by PJ McNally [592 posts]
11th November 2013 - 17:00


Planet X do some nice softshell gloves for cold but dry. I also like their Deluge gloves. both wer around the £10-15 mark.

posted by Yorkshie Whippet [417 posts]
11th November 2013 - 17:03


As above - Take your pick of winter gloves, but get yourself a pair of merino liners for inside. Work wonders when wet (be that sweat or rain) as they still keep your fingers warm.


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posted by oddbydefault [103 posts]
12th November 2013 - 15:09