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by icpass   November 8, 2013  


Im new to road cycling and brought myself a Ribble sportive 7005 road bike to see how i got on.
The bike was great until I brought a pair of Continental 4 season tires.
the front was fine but the rear when inflated to correct pressure rubbed on the front mech bracket so much that the wheel would not turn.
I called Ribble and after lots of tooing and throwing with pictures they agreed that there was a problem with the frame and that they would replace it at there expence.The bike went back and after 3 weeks was returned and as a good will gesture they gave me a £2.99 water bottle. Sad
I fitted the new tires back on and the rear tire was so close to touching the front mech with proberly only 1mm clerance but it seems ok.
Everything was fine untill my second ride was 30 miles away from home climbing a steep hill when the left crank arm shered off the holotech bb,striping the splines off and making it difficult to get it to stay on.
I emailed Ribble on monday tuesday wednesday and have had no reply when i called and i was fobbed off and no return call,I have told them that I will seek legal advise but there not interested.They were so quick to take my money and get me the bike but now theres another problem they are not bothered Im so annoyed with there customer service I dont know what else to do I need to get a new crank fitted as im worried it will come off again ,has any one else had bad dealings with ribble I certainly wont be using them again.

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Never heard a bad word said about Ribble like ever, I thought they were one of the better companies to deal with Thinking

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8th November 2013 - 21:00


Sounds like a case for SOGA - after giving them a reasonable chance to fix the problem, reject as not of merchantable quality and/or fit for purpose. They should pay for replacement.

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8th November 2013 - 21:34


I'm looking at buying a new carbon bike and was looking at ribble / Boardman / wiggle / chain reaction. Would be interested to know the outcome, because unless its positive I'll definitely give ribble a miss in a show of consumer cycling solidarity!

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8th November 2013 - 22:20

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Ribble have always sorted any issues out quick I've had.
I know that at he start of November they were having a warehouse move, and perhaps it was unfortunate timing with you trying to get hold of them around then, which for a smallish company like them would be a hectic time.

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8th November 2013 - 22:36


Dealer problem. A disappointing thread given the title. Wrong kind of dealer it turns out, who'd have thought it?!

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9th November 2013 - 15:26