Hi all,

I am currently looking for a cyclocross frameset. I originally was looking at buying the Kinesis pro 6 but it is out of stock, so am now thinking of getting the Genesis croix de fer. Has anyone got any suggestions on good cyclocross frames. I would like a disk brake cyclocross frameset with a budget of around £600, has anyone got any suggestions?



Scottyroyal [19 posts] 4 years ago

If it helps I'm selling a Felt F5X frame set, your's for £650. Size 55cm.

Basically I built up a pair of these bikes for the 3 Peaks, this was my spare bike and fortunately wasn't needed.

It has only been ridden 20 miles on my commute to make sure everything was OK. It is obviously in as new, mint condition, no marks, scratches etc. Frame protection tape was used so no cable rub.

Size wise, it has a 56cm Horizontal TT so is the same as most peoples 56cm/Large frames.

It will come with Frame/Felt Forks/headset/Seat clamp and Bottom bracket bearings.

It can be run with mechanical gears or switched to Di2 internal. BB30 or standard (Shimano,SRAM,Campag) chainsets can be used with simple adapters.

Full frame spec and geometry here:

Pictures here:

nellybuck@msn.com [169 posts] 4 years ago

I got a Pro6 off ebay, used but in good condition. After doing lots of research, decided that was the one I really wanted. Just finished building it, and it looks great, just don't want to get it muddy!

VeloPeo [353 posts] 4 years ago

I have a Pro 6. It's excellent and I would thoroughly recommend it.

It's just as at home with a set of 700x28 slicks on as a winter commuter as it is on the rough stuff with proper Cross tyres on there.

Whatever you do, consider the TRP Hy/Rd brakes on it. A lot more expensive than BB7s but a massive improvements

Couple of Pro 6 frames heavily discounted here

Worth tweeting @Kinesis_UK to see when the next lot of frames are due in. Dom (their designer) is exceedingly helpful

zzgavin [193 posts] 4 years ago

I was researching cyclocross frames this week, discovered that the Pro6 is out of stock in all colours. Mosquito called upgrade bikes and black ones are arriving with the CX disc wheels in early december, white ones in the new year. Sick green is sold out. So my stormtrooper inspired white pro6 seems unlikely to happen. Now temped by a 'cross frame from Condor, the bivio x is £625 btw