by skitza   November 5, 2013  

Thoughts,hints,tips and reccs please

My bike is probably gonna cost me £1200 to £1500 to replace and i ride somewhere between 4 to 700 miles per month,and knowing my luck it would be a Roller i damaged not a banger Drooling the choice is mindboggling so any assistance through the minefield would be appreciated.

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With that value should be covered for theft by your house insurance at no extra cost, you would need to check that of course. Then join ctc or British cycling, they always used to give you free third party cover with membership. That usually works out cheapest.

posted by mrkeith119 [88 posts]
5th November 2013 - 23:54


I use Barclay's Insurance with buildings contents & cycle cover. Its £20 a month for everything including liability to other peoples stuff. Covers several bikes and damage to them. I couldn't find anything better tbh

posted by dunnoh [192 posts]
7th November 2013 - 22:50