Planet X or Dolan

by Jaltham   October 28, 2013  

For the winter this year, after a recent revelation, I am training, in part at least, on fixed. I have an old road bike that I am currently using, but it is far from ideal. Now, for similar money I can get a brand new Dolan FXE with all but drivetrain, or a Planet X Pompino, again, with all but drivetrain, which I can transfer across.
Therefore my question is this, any ride reviews? Or is there something else I am overlooking for about £230 with mudgaurd eyes for my winter of overloading myself for a faster season next year?

Many thanks in advance!

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Now, I know it gets boos of derision, but...
Specialized Langster
I had a 2008 model and it was great - really fun to ride. I can't remember whether it mudguard / rack / pannier eyes or not. Probably not; I had SKS race blades on mine. But, it was a joy to jump on and go. I have a 5 mile commute to work and quite regularly it would "accidentally" get extended to 20 miles, just because!
I imagine you'll find one for a bargain, as mine got nicked earlier this year!
Have fun looking and riding.

posted by Jimbonic [111 posts]
29th October 2013 - 13:08


^ good call or if you could find one of these possibly:

posted by Super Domestique [1655 posts]
29th October 2013 - 17:47


This is what I did - Dolan FXE frame + PlanetX fork and finishing kit.


posted by earth [115 posts]
30th October 2013 - 21:47


Something old and steel Smile In fact, what precisely is wrong with your old road bike (other than lack of chain tug tensioners)?

Both my fixed gear bikes are built with old steel road frames and are great. The beater is heavy and hard work; the other one is beautiful and lovely to ride. Both bikes easily capable of 25+ mph through London.

Having said that, I would like an On-one Track (were made a few years back). Saw one once and have wanted one ever since. Wonder why they're so difficult to find - perhaps very few were made.

posted by Tjuice [126 posts]
31st October 2013 - 22:28


As you say, the lack of chain-tugs are the issue, weight isn't a problem,nifact it's preferred! Main problem is it's the wrong size, which, as I'm planning on spending some serious time on it this winter, is going to be the difference between a successful race season, or spending the next few years curled up on a sofa in agony!

posted by Jaltham [67 posts]
31st October 2013 - 22:56


earth wrote:
This is what I did - Dolan FXE frame + PlanetX fork and finishing kit.

Nice! Best of both?

(I'm riding a KHS Flite 100, ideal winter fixed, with proper guards and a rack).

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posted by PJ McNally [591 posts]
2nd November 2013 - 11:18

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I too have started training on fixed. I've always enjoyed the simplicity of single speed but living in a hilly area, have only recently had the courage to flip the wheel.

I own a Langster (2010 Aluminium) & a Pompino and would say they are completely different beasts. The Langster is light and great fun to throw around but I find it a bit severe on longer rides, due to excessive vibration and it doesn't have mudguard eyes. My Pompino with Brooks saddle and SKS guards is quite a lot heavier, more of a workhorse but still capable of decent speeds and is really comfortable.

A bit more expensive but the 2014 Genesis Flyer looks like it could be a good option. It has the same geometry as the Equilibrium and proper mudguard mounts.

posted by MCLK [84 posts]
4th November 2013 - 20:45


What makes you think that riding fixed through the winter will make you faster next year? Where did you read such rubbish? If riding fixed was a route towards greater speed, don't you think that all the pros and top riders would be doing it? Ride fixed for fun by all means but drop this silly idea that it will make you faster next season, it wont.

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4th November 2013 - 20:54


Welsh boy wrote:
Ride fixed for fun by all means but drop this silly idea that it will make you faster next season, it wont.

But it will improve your personal grooming, make you take an overwhelming interest in fashion and you'll most likely develop a taste for musical theatre.

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posted by William Black [196 posts]
4th November 2013 - 20:56

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