Strike ONE!

by skitza   October 27, 2013  

Had my first dose of squeaky bum time last week, approaching a medium sized roundabout about 8:30 in the evening, front light, flashing rear light,flourescent clothes and shiny bits on the bike,should also add the junction is well lit.
So as my intention was to turn right i checked behind me, nowt, nothing on my left in fact the only car was coming towards the roundabout was from straight ahead but about 40 mtrs away so i entered and started turning right.
I could now see said car was a taxi and remember thinking he was leaving it a bit late to brake before with pounding heart realising he wasn't stopping at all, i didn't even see his face just the car looming larger as i let out a gargled scream and did the most beautiful instinctive braking manouver which turned me parallel with his front door, he then looked shocked into my face as im ashamed to say all my anger and ire came flooding out in a stream of obscenities and a wobbly attempt to unclip and kick his door,unfortunately he declined to stop and have a chat which probably means ive done nowt to help relations between 'us and them' but i figure he was either on the phone,knackered or just didnt give a shit.
Positives ?well i got a great time on the remainder of my ride and i survived but twas a kin close call and made me realise that even doing everything right on the bike is not enough, we have to account for motorists failings as well.

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Glad you're ok. I was hit on a roundabout in February by a car entering from my left side when I was going round the roundabout (hi-vizzed & lit up like a Christmas tree). My mistake was to assume he'd seen me (he hadn't as he was fiddling with his phone). Normally I assume the worst but I was tired and cold and worked on a normal highway code basis. Big mistake on my part.

posted by arfa [496 posts]
28th October 2013 - 14:40


My initial anger was a consequence of my incredulity (is that a word?) that he couldnt have seen me, i was gobsmacked, hope your ok anyway dude,makes you more jittery the next few times on a roundabout eh!?

posted by skitza [16 posts]
28th October 2013 - 20:10

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I got off very lightly but my bike was a total write off having taken the brunt of the hit (I effectively just got ejected off it). I think the witnesses around were more shocked than I was. You're right though, it does make you more jittery but someone has to exercise caution and it doesn't appear to be car drivers under the current justice system.

posted by arfa [496 posts]
28th October 2013 - 21:34


Thats why i was miffed at flying into a rage because im sure thats why he just drove off i'd like to just talk to him and explain the situation, maybe everyone should be made to ride a bike on the road to see it from the 'other' perspective.
Glad your ok though fella.

posted by skitza [16 posts]
28th October 2013 - 22:40


Glad you're OK. Nothing you can do sometimes. Just keep an eye on the drivers eyes where you can.

Today I had a HGV wave me through as I was travelling quicker. And another wave me across a junction. Some drivers are looking for you and behave with respect. But for the ones who don't, keep your eyes open.

posted by Colin Peyresourde [1148 posts]
28th October 2013 - 22:55


The driver who hit me was a thoroughly decent guy who had made a mistake. He offered to drive me to hospital (not needed) and then to call police (didn't bother on basis he coughed up which he did immediately) so I was lucky in that respect. However if I'd had you're experience then I would have probably reported it given your guy drove off. Still, all's well that ends well.

posted by arfa [496 posts]
29th October 2013 - 4:01

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Ridiculously difficult to stay calm in that situation isn't it? The adrenalin just rockets. Someone pulled out on me, only to then stop at the roundabout just 100 yards later. I pulled up alongside and shouted "I am here, you know!" as she wound the window down, only to find her apologising profusely for making a mistake. I quickly calmed down then and we parted on better terms.

Last night I would have considered trading a very loud baby for a really nice bike.

posted by notfastenough [3208 posts]
29th October 2013 - 9:23

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I made the mistake of seeing the red mist and calling a motorist a f'ing dickhead after he cut me up and nearly knocked me off. Not wise as he stopped and I thought I was going to get battered. He settled for calling me an a'hole several times before driving off. Need to keep emotions in check next time.

posted by paulfg42 [375 posts]
30th October 2013 - 22:51