Sinus problems after long bike rides

by Tom Amos   October 25, 2013  

Does anyone else get blocked sinuses after long sessions on the bike? The first time it happened, I thought I'd just caught a cold. Then I thought it might be hayfever due to moving to the countryside. But now I'm pretty sure I've got sinusitis.

It usually clears up after a few days but it's a real nuisance. I'm warm on the bike. It's not cold in the area I'm cycling in and feel fine whilst riding. It's usually the next day it manifests itself. Other than not going out on the bike, any suggestions?

I don't have any health problems so am wondering why it's happening.

Any advice much appreciated.

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I don't get clogged up just get my nose running like a tap for a few days. It seems to be weather independent.

posted by paulrbarnard [182 posts]
25th October 2013 - 16:36


Paul, my nose runs on the bike, like everyone else I understand. Then I get home and I'm fine. Next day, it all kicks off. I'm beginning to think it may have something to do with the cold air - even though it's not that cold.

posted by Tom Amos [246 posts]
25th October 2013 - 17:01


Had the same problem to such an extent that I paid a trip to the GP. Apparently as the body heats up the nasal passages can constrict. I was given a steroid spray to use which keeps the nasal passages open and has no adverse effects. Nose runs like a bugger (always did) but seems to have worked for me.

posted by cockneyboy [31 posts]
25th October 2013 - 17:54


Aha! So it's not just me. Thanks for that cockneyboy. Appreciated!

posted by Tom Amos [246 posts]
25th October 2013 - 17:59