Help identifying old steel frame?

by andym999   October 21, 2013  

Hi there, interested in tracking down the origins - if possible - of my old steel frame, acquired for and currently built up as a single speed. Purchased of fleabay some time back in a stripped down state. It's decidedly retro looking, with lugs, and fairly hefty to boot. Frame no. is MOG38429 - Google is offering very little so I wondered if a forum user could shed some light?

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looks very similar to this is a Townsend, luggs are a bit different but the style looks like most 80s mass production bikes. The long reach brakes makes me think it was originally sold as a "Tourer" rather than a "racer"....but I could be way out on that....just guesses

posted by jason.timothy.jones [303 posts]
21st October 2013 - 12:13


this is a older picture, but shows the lines better around the lugs....second look I doubt its a Townsend, but very similar era

posted by jason.timothy.jones [303 posts]
21st October 2013 - 12:14


looks like early 1980's frame could have been with the name Sunn or Raleigh (all out of same factory) nothing special would have been around £85 t £100 for the bike back then.

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posted by CycleTechNo1 [1 posts]
23rd October 2013 - 20:27