I have 2 General Admission tickets for the UCI track World Cup at Manchester Velodrome for Friday 1st November 2013 for the evening final sessions.

These were going to be for me and mrs Swindys, however I thought it might be a good opportunity to raise some money for the London to Paris ride I am doing for Marie curie next year.

So as such I will be looking at having a little raffle for the tickets. £1 a ticket basically. It's not much to ask and the winner will have the tickets emailed to them.

The 2 tickets are general admission so no reserved seating and were presale tickets for the event. The race schedule is below. It's sure to be a good night and anyone who has never been to the velodrome before would be in for a treat as it is an electric atmosphere.

0 Doors Open First Race 7.00pm
1 M - Team Pursuit Finals 3-4 & 1-2
2 W - Team Sprint Finals 3-4 & 1-2
3 M - Omnium II Points Race 30km
4 W - Team Pursuit Finals 3-4 & 1-2
5 W - Scratch 10k Final
6 M - Team Sprint Finals 3&4 & 1&2
7 M - Omnium III Elimination

If you wanted to buy a raffle ticket then a bit of trust in me is required, because of the cost and logistics of being able to buy online is extortionate for such a small prize, you have the option if sponsoring a pound ( or more for more tickets ) on my justgiving page and making sure you leave me your name / contact details in an email / message.

For anyone who wanted to donate online and get a ticket, I need some way of contacting you, because I will write a raffle ticket out and send a pic of it to you.

I will try and convince mrs swindys to come along to the Polocini final
Winter sprinter to sell tickets on the last Sunday of this month but will be weather dependant.

My email address is stevieswindells [at] sky.com so let me know if you are interested of visit my page www.justgiving.com/stevie-Swindells.

Thank you for reading and any suggestions let me know