Pannier Lights

by Jaltham   October 14, 2013  

I've recently upgraded to a full pannier rack to do some touring on, but it needs a decent light. I've put one o the lower section but could do with one to replace the reflector. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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You can use any light if you just make or buy an adaptor.

posted by drfabulous0 [404 posts]
14th October 2013 - 21:38


Cateye do a mount that screws to two-hole rack reflector mounts that takes their standard rear lights.

posted by Al__S [769 posts]
14th October 2013 - 21:42


I've got a PDW Radbot 1000 light which comes with a mount that you can attach to the back of the pannier rack. They supply screws but I've found cable ties work better. Evans also sell replacement mounts so you can swap the light between multiple bikes if you want. Have been using it for a year so far with no problems.

posted by babybat [24 posts]
14th October 2013 - 21:45


I had a Cateye AU100 held on with a single screw, with slightly modified extra reflectors either side of it. But (after years of use), it's now lost the main part of the light (black back still screwed to bracket, bit with batteries and actual light missing.
I'm tempted by one of these to replace it:

(I have the "Toplight Flat" (non-S, without the Linetec) on another bike, and it's okay, but not great. So I'll be interested to see other recommendations too.)

posted by armb [51 posts]
15th October 2013 - 9:52


Smart / Phaart lights also do a bracket that fits to the rack mounting area.

But you still need a reflector, somewhere!

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posted by PJ McNally [592 posts]
16th October 2013 - 6:32