Rear mech sizes and cassette sizes

by earbyphil   October 10, 2013  

Please can anybody offer advice. Is there a 10 speed Ultegra rear mech and 11/12 - 32/33 cassette?

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Ultegra 6700 is 10 speed, 6800 is the 11.
The usual places I use online (Ribble/Wiggle/Merlin etc) have stock of the mechs.
Never seen a 12-32/33 Ultegra cassette about, Sram do 12-32 in the PG1070 I think.

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posted by glynr36 [433 posts]
10th October 2013 - 13:58


The 6700 is max 30t cog though. I was looking for the same setup at the start of the summer, ended up replacing my 6700 with a 105 RD 5701 GS (med cage) and the SRAM PG1070 cassette mentioned. Higher end parts at low gear ratios from shimano are in their mtb range

posted by bazzargh [144 posts]
10th October 2013 - 14:25


As per Bazzargh above I have used 105 5700 GS rear mechs with 11-32 and 12-32 apex cassettes. This is with both 50/34 and 30/40/50 up front. Not sure how the different hangers on bikes would effect the working mind. If you can't get a 105 GS to work the an old 9 speed deore should do the trick.

posted by Benway [67 posts]
10th October 2013 - 15:17


Thanks for your help guys.
A new question now is what's the difference between Shimano RD-5701 (GS) and RD 5700 (GS)?

Depending on your answers, it looks like I will have to remove the Ultegra rear mech and replace it with 105 RD 5700 or RD 5700 GS version and a new cassette 11 - 32 from SRAM (1050 or 1070). Is this part correct?

Thanks in anticipation.

posted by earbyphil [16 posts]
11th October 2013 - 8:56


The 5700 GS is the older model and is only rated to max 30t cog; the 5701 GS is rated max 32t. It might seem surprising that the 5700 has the same max cog in both short and medium cage lengths - but the older medium cage was there to increase the chain wrap capacity. So it's the 5701 GS you want.

As for PG1050 vs 1070 - either works, they are sold in different cassette sizes. The numbers here indicate the range the cassette belongs to - PG1050 is Apex, PG1070 is Rival. I went with a 1070.

posted by bazzargh [144 posts]
12th October 2013 - 9:33

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Why don't you go for a 9 speed mtb slx cage ?
Reason I ask is it sounds like you want the weight saving ( although on a mech it's negligible) if you go with an mtb mech you canrun a 12-34 rear tiagra cassette if that's what you really need ( I used this setup in the alps this year as I much prefer seated climbing and spinning )

posted by chiv30 [875 posts]
12th October 2013 - 15:44


Why not pick up a wilifi kit from SRAM?

posted by VeNT [38 posts]
12th October 2013 - 20:21

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VeNT wrote:
Why not pick up a wilifi kit from SRAM?

The op is obviously a Shimano man , and if you go mtb it's cheap as chips , you can do it for under 50 quid if you wanted to

posted by chiv30 [875 posts]
12th October 2013 - 21:12