Assos Mille shorts, are they worth it?

by hammond83   October 6, 2013  


Next May I am doing the London to Edinburgh Rat Race in 2 days, 220miles a day.

I did LEJOG last year in 7 days and used £50-60 Giordana shorts which were fine and I had no saddle sore. However for this adventure I feel that I need to buy some better quality shorts, I have always wanted some ASSOS shorts but just could not justify to the price. Anyway now I am seriously looking and will buy ASSOS and have been looking at the Mille shorts as they for long distance riding but for approx £150 I would need to know that they are far better than others which I know I can find for £90-100.

Anyway any thoughts/views are welcome.



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I purchased a pair last year to find the material went thread bear lower back just above the stitching of the insert after 6 months. Returned to Wiggle who then passed back to UK importer we heard nothing regarding a replacement (Wiggle did chase) so after a refund I purchased cheap shorts which I now regret was a mistake. I suffer from sores and the inserts in cheap shorts (£60) aren't good where as Assos inserts are by far the best on the market and come spring 2014 I'll be buying another pair. So yes a big layout in money so buy from a good retailer if there's a quality issue but the fit and feel are excellent, the insert superb, the shorts look great. I'll give mine the benefit of the doubt maybe a bad batch of material. Hunt around on the Internet you can get them discounted or go direct to Assos on line factory discount store you may be lucky.

posted by Roberj4 [185 posts]
6th October 2013 - 23:30

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If you had no problems with the existing shorts, why spend more?
I think you can get excellent shorts without spending more than £50, and £100+ for shorts is far too expensive, especially if you are buying a few pairs for regular riding.

posted by kcr [61 posts]
7th October 2013 - 8:04

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Castelli kiss3 pad in their "cheaper" shorts is great or up a notch so is the progetto insert in the "expensive" shorts. I found the kiss3 is slightly better on shorter rides under 2-3 hours. Oh and a decent minty arse lard always helps.

posted by lookmanohands [94 posts]
7th October 2013 - 8:13

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All depends if the fit suits you or not. I have some Assos tights that are probably my favourite piece of kit, everything about them is perfect BUT when I tried on 2 different pairs of Assos shorts that were in the sale, neither felt right and despite how much I love the tights, I wasn't going to buy them just because they were Assos.

Others are right, if you managed with the others then a change could be risky and also other manufacturers items are just as good but perhaps considerably cheaper too and the fit may be more suited to your shape than someone simply saying get Assos or Castelli etc as they are the best.

posted by mattyb95 [28 posts]
7th October 2013 - 8:37

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I bought some as a treat after doing an endurance event this year and I have to say they're superb, I've not had any problems with the stitching (bit of a worry if I do, I bought them in France) but they are the comfiest pair of shorts i own/have owned.

I have bibs by Santini, Vermarc, RH+ as well as Decathlon's finest own brand stuff and can say the Assos are by far and away the best, though at 1/3 or 1/2 the price the RH+, Santini etc are not 1/3 or 1/2 the quality. If you can find a good pair of shorts you get on with for long distance then the additional money might not get you as much value as another pair of your favourites.

For what it's worth I did 125 miles a day in June in RH+ shorts which were £60 a pair and they were more than suitable.

posted by turboprannet [42 posts]
7th October 2013 - 8:48

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Thanks for the feedback. I looked at Santini BCool bibs today and they look good so think i will get either them or assos.

posted by hammond83 [30 posts]
7th October 2013 - 21:53

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I preferred Etxeondo Dicolor bibshorts to Assos Mille. The quality is easily as good, the cut and style superior imho. The price is very reasonable: you don't pay the Assos tax!

Giordana shorts are fantastic value too.

I would always suggest you try before you buy; make sure the fit suits you.

posted by paslemeilleur [57 posts]
8th October 2013 - 10:08

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I have Mille bibs and Castelli Aero Race bibs - prefer the Castelli ProgettoX pad to be honest, as I find the Mille pad a bit too bulky. So much so that I'm selling the Milles.

Having said that, the pad in the Sugoi RS bibs isn't far off of either. Given you can pick those up for around £60/70, they're a very good bib for sensible money.

FYI, has a variety of shorts in their sale section...

posted by Batfink [18 posts]
9th October 2013 - 16:48

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The pad in the Mille (the first Assos bibs I bought) seems to be a bit on the bulky side. I have since bought two pairs of the S5 Uno bibs, which are fantastic and you can get them for under £100. These are now my preferred option for most rides.

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posted by manoirdelourde [28 posts]
9th October 2013 - 19:49

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I have the S5 Uno shorts and they are really good but they pull on the shoulders quite a bit unless I put them on properly. I have just got a pair of Sportful Bibs and they are nearly as expensive and feel nice and tight, but they arnt as comfy as the Assos on long runs.

posted by dunnoh [168 posts]
9th October 2013 - 20:41

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I have a pair of Uno's & love them, a great deal on a pair of Mille's (longer leg version) persuaded me to try them........on balance the Uno's fit me better - I take a large, but have sparrow legs & the Mille's aren't quite snug enough on the thighs. Obviously if you are quadzilla this won't be an issue.

posted by nick1c [5 posts]
17th October 2013 - 23:03

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