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by Gman59c   October 4, 2013  

I was out doing some cyclocross training last night and although I have a good light for on the road, I felt a bit jealous of the guys who had a helmet light. A couple were using Lupine Piko which looked great but way too expensive for me. SO the question is are there any good helmet lights out there, I can spend up to 200 quid for something exceptional but would rather not spend that much if possible, any suggestions??

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The cable on this is long enough to helmet mount the light and wear the battery in a jersey pocket.


Check out this guys beam comparisons

Then buy two cos their only 30 odd quid a go

posted by mattbibbings [103 posts]
4th October 2013 - 20:54


Or if you are set on no cable, how does £7 sound


I'll tell what it's like when mine turns up Wink

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4th October 2013 - 20:57


I was recently in the same boat. I decided to go with a quality product with a good (2 years) warranty as being left in the dark is a real pain. I went for the Exposure Diablo and could not be happier. Their helmet mount is an absolute joy to use and the overall weight is hardly noticeable. Personally I would pick this over the more expensive lupine as I do not like separate battery packs and I prefer the mount. On medium mode there is still plenty of light and three hours burn time. Even low is not bad but when you need high you get a LOT of light where you need it. Cannot recommend enough. Good Luck in your search.

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17th December 2013 - 12:14


I've got one of the solar storm things, it's frigging bright...longevity will only tell after it's done the winter and a few races etc

Otherwise it's back to the exposure joystick which is cheap,bright, light and built like an outhouse.

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17th December 2013 - 12:30


I've just bought a Cree Solarstorm and a Cree T6, and last week did my first ride with the T6 attached to my helmet... and it was great... all the more remarkable considering that it was only £19.
I've got some pictures at:
Having done the comparison, I reckon the T6 is a better light than the Solarstorm, and would suggest two of those. The SolarStorm spreads it's output too far and the battery life is only just over an hour... whereas the T6 is much more direct, and shows you where you're going/looking... and the T6 battery life is a good two hours.

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19th December 2013 - 16:28