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I've bought a Contour Roam camera as an 'insurance policy' for the commute. I also bought the additional helmet mount, but it's designed for the side of the helmet. You can mount it on the top, but that tilts the camera 90 degrees, which has the effect of using the wide-angle setting to capture both your feet and the far distance down the road. Mounting it on the side, however, feels lopsided, despite only being a couple of hundred grams. I can feel the helmet tilting on my head, despite ensuring a snug fit. The camera has 2 mounting points - a slide rack on the side for the helmet mount that I bought, and a standard threaded mount underneath. I don't know if that would be strong enough to use in this scenario though.

So, I'm either looking for:
A way of mounting on the top, the right way up.
Or, a light to mount on the other side of the helmet and balance the weight out a little.



thelimopit [144 posts] 4 years ago

You should be able rotate the lens at the front so it's the right way up.

aligibbs [3 posts] 4 years ago

Yeap, rotate the lens, so 0 reads at the top. Problem solved  1

notfastenough [3728 posts] 4 years ago


Can't believe I didn't realise that!


Thankyou kindly, people!

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PJ McNally [592 posts] 4 years ago

You'll still feel lopsided. You can try mounting a torch on the other side to balance it out. I did. But then you'll look even more ridiculous.

Or, get a £1 rubber mount (or two) and attach it to the middle of your helmet, at the top!



(the second link has 3 options, the 3rd one - "1.7~3.0cm Flexible 360°" - is the best for mounting a bullet cam to your bars).

I've gone back to putting it on my bars, because:

1) the extra weight on your head is really uncomfortable after a while, and

2) it is very difficult to adjust the angle on the helmet correctly, to avoid filming mostly handlebars, or sky.

On the bars has the disadvantage that it doesn't look where I look, but it's much the best option for me.