So it's that time of year when 2013 stock is being heavily discounted again.

We've got 25% off several Felt road bikes at the moment and some great deals on our display DeRosa and Eddy Merckx.

All the clearance bikes are available on 2 of our 3 options - cash and 2 year 0% finance.

If you're looking to hang up the road bike and move over to off road for the off season, then we've got discounted MTBs for you too:)

If you want to keep it indoors, then the Turbo Trainers are available on any of the 3 options, cash, 2 year 0% finance and 2 year lease.

Here are the clearance bikes: http://bikeswanky.co.uk/catalog/153

Here are the turbo trainers: http://bikeswanky.co.uk/catalog/296


lookmanohands [119 posts] 4 years ago

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Bike Swanky [66 posts] 4 years ago
lookmanohands wrote:

Bikes wanky

That's right - they really are that good!

Seriously though, there are lots of articles to help you with your propensitity to ....well you know...

Here's an article that may well help you, you poor thing:

It's alright though, when you grow up you'll be able to look back and laugh about all the nonsense you used to get so worked up about.

Alternatively, there are lots of online dating websites that you can use. It might help if you keep quiet about what you like to do with bicycles when you write your profile though.

Actually, there are probably websites for that sort of carry on as well.

Best of luck with your ongoing sexual encounters with bicycles.