Light waterproof overshoes for autumn not Winter

by bikeboy76   September 16, 2013  

I have some great Pro winter overshoes made from a thick neoprene with a PU rubbery coating to keep the rain and snow out. They work great in the winter and keep my feet as warm and dry as I can expect. I was happy enough with them that I wanted a lighter summer/autumn version for when it is wet but not too cold. I bought some Pro Aerofoil overshoes which are more of a vinyl material than rubberized. They worked at keeping water out quite well but they really irritated me. The zip on the back would contort itself around over the top of my shoe and dig into the back of my heel. So they had to go.

Now I am looking for some recommendations for some lighter overshoes that are still waterproof as it is not [yet] time to break out the tights and neoprene overs. Still double figures dudes, not time to hide the pins away just yet!

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I just bought a pair of Castelli Pioggia shoecovers. They are thin and light, but seem to be quite waterproof. Have only been out in a few light showers, but the shoes have remained dry throughout.

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posted by JediNeo [32 posts]
17th September 2013 - 3:14

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I bought some Endura ones in an emergency for last year's Etape Caledonia - they're really good, happily. Very light, waterproof. A bit delicate though.

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17th September 2013 - 11:55


Castelli gets the kit fiend in me going. Not sure about the side zip on the Pioggia and maybe a bit thick, maybe I will try the Nano and hope they hold up to the water as well as looking nice and aero.

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posted by bikeboy76 [1432 posts]
17th September 2013 - 23:06

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I have the Castelli Poggia - I wore them a couple of weeks ago for an early morning start and my feet were not cooked when it warmed up - got to about 20C (but have also worn them in 4C and they kept my feet pretty warm with my normal socks). Side zip seems to work ok.

I do have a bit of a hole on the sole of one of them - I don't walk on them if I can help it but needs must sometimes... I reckon I can sort something Wink

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18th September 2013 - 22:15

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The little toe covers are pretty good at taking the edge off, and they fit in your pocket once its warmed up (e.g ride home from work)

clearly not waterproof for the bit not covered, but surprisingly good....and work well under overshoes when it really gets F.cold.

posted by Parlee-king [38 posts]
19th September 2013 - 9:11