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by MercuryOne   September 16, 2013  

Tony and Dave very kindly posted a story about our Northern road and racing magazine earlier in the year. Apart from a couple of trolls who tend to ankle bite everyone it seemed to go down very well. We're on issue 5 now and judging by our twitter feed it isn't just hairy arsed north of Watford types reading it. There seems to be a fair few southerners trying to acquire some northern cool and even some Texans (no not him) who seem to like reading about obscure British cyclists and minor hills they will probably never get to climb.

It's been going very well. Almost too well. We are so busy on the magazine that we've decided today to drop it from bi-monthly and make it a quarterly as we do have day jobs. After the next issue in mid October ( Emily Kay, TOB special, Fat Bikes, Killer Hill, Club Rider:Kit Bore and much, much more) we will be going quiet until January and then be back with the first quarterly edition and a bumper 140 page print book of the best of the first 6 issues.

If you fancy yourself as a good writer or illustrator and those poseurs at Rouleur aren't returning your calls then get in touch and we'll take a look. We are definitely looking for some new voices to play a regular role.

Right. Off for two days in the pouring rain covering the TOB. I reckon Quintana will blow away completely when he hits Wales.

Very best


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I have been very impressed with Spin so far. It's one of the very few cycling-related publications I would be willing to pay for. It seems Dan has been a little coy and not added a link so I'll do it for him: http://www.spincyclemag.com/

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posted by Simon E [2421 posts]
16th September 2013 - 21:20


Thanks Simon,

We appreciate the support. Although it seems a very small niche - northern club riding and UK pro racing - it seems to have garnered a fair fe readers and there are certainly no shortage if stories.

Again. If you're a writer north of Brum and you want to write for us do get in touch.



Silly me. You're probably right....

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posted by MercuryOne [1224 posts]
17th September 2013 - 16:06

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I read the first one and then somehow forgot about it. I don't know how or why I managed that as I really enjoyed it.

I'll have a catch up on the others tonight and I've given the www.twitter.com/SpinCycleMag account a follow to remind myself of upcoming issues.

posted by farrell [1953 posts]
17th September 2013 - 16:49

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Graphic design student north of brum here (though at uni in sunny cornwall) would be interested in some writing and/or illustrating in the future!

Shall I email?

posted by Cycle_Jim [282 posts]
19th September 2013 - 17:30


BY all means. Send us an email via the website to both James and me.



PS. Your the first. As I suspected Road.CC is full of talkers but very few walkers.. Laughing

Silly me. You're probably right....

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posted by MercuryOne [1224 posts]
19th September 2013 - 23:51

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I've really enjoyed it, a whole lot better than magazines I've paid for (Although to be fair I am a northern club cyclist, and proud of it too).

posted by GREGJONES [251 posts]
21st September 2013 - 21:22