Have I missed them, or have there been no reports of Friday's and Sunday's racing in Quebec and Montreal on road.cc? Given the names on show, I'd suggest the racing was arguably the most important of the weekend in terms of building-up to the Worlds (even though recent years have proved the Vuelta to be the best prover of form - hopefully a good sign for Gilbert). Come on road.cc, yet to see a report on Gesink's victory on Friday - ( the most exciting race of the weekend), and Sagan's lesson in riding off the front on Sunday.


Gkam84 [9119 posts] 4 years ago

Can't report on everything, I have been asking for news about the riders abandoning the woman's highest classified race because of safety concerns with on coming traffic.

In the same area that the worlds is taking place. All the big teams with the leaders on GC pulling out.

Much more important than a diddy race in a dopers paradice