Whats the difference between Bib Tights & Bib Knickers

by ady   September 9, 2013  

I need to prepare for cold and wet conditions so looking at getting kitted out with some Bib longs and I like the look of the Castelli Nanoflex but dont see the difference between Bib Tights and Bib Knickers, I also like the idead of the Gabba jersey as I can't be bothered stopping to put on a jacket from my pocket I just want to ride and if it rains then I'm already prepared. Also what other options can I consider for similar price or less.

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Tights = Full Leg
Knickers = 3/4

posted by Swindaloo [16 posts]
9th September 2013 - 23:14


look at the Sportful No Rain stuff as well as the Gabba

posted by alexjones5 [27 posts]
10th September 2013 - 8:27


Knickers are just over the knee, whereas tights are down to the ankle and often include a loop to go under the heel.

I have the nanoflex armwarmers and knee-warmers, they are good but not as comfortable on the skin as others.

The Castelli system is probably no more water resistant than something like the Rapha softshell.

Fit is also a very personal thing, I'd pop along to a few shops and try stuff on. Unless you're planning on buying online anyway, in which case just use the free returns policy of places like Wiggle.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3611 posts]
10th September 2013 - 9:01


Swindaloo has said it.

I'd also second the recommendation to try stuff on - sizing varies significantly across brands, both the cut and the overall length (could be an issue with bibs and tights).


Have you considered a gilet?

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posted by Simon E [2228 posts]
10th September 2013 - 11:10


Thanks for the reply's I have a couple gilet and have some Endura BiB longs that are great and although warm not waterproof but keep me warm nevertheless, I have sportful and Assos bid shorts so know what fits, also have leg and arm warmers. Will check out the options mentioned and as I'm going to London soon will pop into a bike store or 3 Big Grin and try some on. Really want to head out for a ride with my tights longsleeve jersey and just have food and cake stop money and phone in my pockets.

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posted by ady [5 posts]
10th September 2013 - 18:15