Be interesting to know how the two ride differently.
Pista I believe is quick-handling - part-way to a track bike whilst the Tempo is more like a commuter/winter road bike.
But other than that, is there anything useful to know about how they compare?


Metjas [362 posts] 3 years ago

have owned both and can't say I've noticed a difference and this was after having the tempo built up with exactly the same components as my pista.

Tempo is way more practical as it has mudguard/rack mounts which are great for general commuting/wet weather riding.

Raleigh [1667 posts] 3 years ago

I've got a Pista set up as a fixed, and its definitely fun to ride.

Super fast handling, but I do have a tiny stem on it.

Get some just **disgustingly** stiff carbon forks and it takes on a mind of its own, nothing to be worried about though.

Erm what else.

If you're buying a new one, make sure that you get the rubbery sort of finish in their paint shop, had mine resprayed in the same and its fantastic, looks amazing etc.