Fantasy Touring Bike

by NJA   September 6, 2013  

My touring bike is starting to creak and groan and show its age (its about 20 years old at the frame, the Brooks saddle is much older). It was originally a Marin Sausalito hybrid but only the bars stem and frame remain.

So the question is if you were building a fantasy touring bike from scratch what would you go for?

I am thinking Ti frame, disc brakes, carbon forks and nice dynamo hub. But it all seems a bit niche to find in a normal bike shop, so help me with frame suggestions, components to build it up - the more exotic the better - I want to build something really nice then ride it across Europe first then the USA.



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I'm no expert on touring bikes, but if your after Ti, I believe Van Nicholas range of touring bikes are tasty, and I think they're all sold as frame-sets as well as complete bikes.

posted by daddyELVIS [498 posts]
7th September 2013 - 17:59


Kinesis Tripster ATR

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7742 posts]
7th September 2013 - 20:25