I serviced the rear hub on my Shimano RS80 wheel earlier this year and took advice from the Park Tools website and used their recommended grease. Whilst cycling in the Vosges mountains in August the hub started to make some unhealthy noises and I stripped it down again and re-greased. I noticed that the drive side grease had turned brown and the bearings rusty.

I have since bought the full service kit complete with bearings, spindle, cones and locking nuts but I'm unsure what grease to use, in particular on the drive side.

Any recommendations?


Simon E [3263 posts] 4 years ago

Any decent grease should be fine, I use a large tin of Comma standard grease I bought many years ago. The wheels on my winter/wet weather bike (15 year old rigid MTB) are as sweet as ever despite the very long intervals between servicing.

If you want to spend some more money then try a teflon grease - Weldtite TF2 or Finish Line.

I wouldn't recommend white Lithium grease for wheel or BB bearings.

Old Cranky [261 posts] 4 years ago

Thanks Simon.

I used Shimano Dura Ace grease when I did the emergency repair (as it was what I had taken away with me), but I'm unsure about its' wet weather properties.

The seals on the Shimano Ultegra hub are clearly less than effective on the drive side, so was wondering whether a specific water proof grease might be recommended.