Hi guys can anybody help with my front mech on specialized allez road bike.i cant shift into lower ring fron middle ring.the cable is really loose when i try?


Bedfordshire Clanger [344 posts] 2 years ago

Have you messed around with the limit screws? If you have then you'll need to put the inner limit screw back where it was before.

If not, can you push the front mech into place with your hand?
It may just need a good clean and lube.
If you can move it then lube all moving parts and keep moving it by hand. Put on some more lube, in a day or two it should loosen up.

FMOAB [253 posts] 2 years ago

Probably just needs the universal solution for seized components. Soak with GT85, WD40 or similar and work the mech by hand the full range of its movement, spray to clean out gunk and repeat as necessary. It can take a while but usually works.

Once you have it moving, oil it properly and you should be good to go.