If you can't get a Cotic >X<, what would you have...

by flobble   August 28, 2013  

What I really want is a Cotic X frameset with the disc-only tapered steel fork and disc caliper on the right fork blade at the front - v clever. But there's no stock in the right size/configuration Sad

Ideal frameset would be:

  • Disc only - zero/minimal 'leftovers' from a V-brake/canti era please
  • Takes proper mudguards (eg SKS) so I can use it as a commuter/winter training bike.
  • If the rear brake mounts are between the chain & seatstays, that's perfect. No need for rack mounts
  • Enough clearance for CX tyres and associated mud
  • Light enough that I could ride the occasional CX race on it
  • Genesis Croix de Fer comes pretty close apart from the location of the brake mounts and the rack mounts I don't need.

    Ideas please!

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    Being a 30 month owner of an X I would say it's easy,
    Almost anything else!
    It's not a bad bike as far as modern far east steel goes but it is nothing special.
    Go to Planet x and buy a Kaffenback for a lot less. I have both and I know which I prefer. Ihe x is a clunker even with the carbon forks.
    Then again most modern steel bikes are like this unless they are top spec ones made of something like 853 tubing. Note that CdF's are in 2 spec's.
    Being an old sod I use as a reference 531. I bet most of my generation do. Anything heavier than this is surely a retrograde step? I know weight isn't everything but it's not needed, especially at a high price. steel that isn't a well known make and model is almost certainly gas pipe.
    Lots of generalisations I know but they mostly correct.

    posted by mattsccm [281 posts]
    29th August 2013 - 12:47


    I would find it hard to look past the Boardman CX, buy one 2nd hand- Obviously a full bike but I would just ride it like crazy and replace the bits as they wear out, or sell them.

    posted by ilovemytinbred [164 posts]
    29th August 2013 - 14:15


    That's an interesting idea - even if the frame is cosmetically scratched a respray isnt too expensive...

    posted by flobble [56 posts]
    29th August 2013 - 15:25


    Could always buy my Genesis Vapour Disc...

    posted by vw_mtbiker [36 posts]
    29th August 2013 - 20:59


    Saw that - would seriously consider if it was a larger frame. Short legs & long body means I like longer frames.

    posted by flobble [56 posts]
    29th August 2013 - 23:19