It`s agm time and my club is looking to revamp/re-invent itself due to dwindling numbers and aging members.

What does your club do to attract new, young members?

What does your club do to maintain membership?

How does your club differentiate between beginners/improver's and the elite?

What keeps your membership interested?


the-yorkshire-p... [173 posts] 9 years ago

Hmmm, depends where you are.

I went to my local club round here (kingston) for one of their "social" rides on a sunday morning, and it's not a surprise they're not getting new members. They were the most unfriendly, cliquey people ever, and made no effort to even say hello, yet alone find out what I was looking for and why I'd come along to one of their rides.

Suffice to say I didn't go back again. I'd like to join a club, but on the basis of that, am unlikely to.

Tony Farrelly [2919 posts] 9 years ago

 I'd echo the-Yorkshire-P, the biggest complaint you here about clubs is that they are unfriendly and it's no surprise to me that big successful like Chippenham Wheelers, in these parts, are friendly places that go out of there way to welcome new riders, young riders, women etc.

The trick is I suppose getting across to potential recruits that your club is a friendly, welcoming set up.