These: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-2300-sti-triple-8-speed-road-lever-set/

After returning from a 50 miler today, I parked up and checked the bike over. It appears that I can now squeeze the rear brake lever about an inch before I get any resistance at all (from the cable).

I've had the bike about three months, and the rear lever always rattled, but I thought it was due to them being a fairly basic set. Now it's rattling a lot more. I guess there might be something to tighten or adjust, but I've no idea where I might start looking.

Anyone have any idea?


Shanefutcher [98 posts] 3 years ago

The brake cable comes out by the brake oads on rear wheel.undo with a allen key and pull through cable then simply tighten back up with key

dawguk [11 posts] 3 years ago


Tried all the usual with no luck, so I ended up stripping all the cables off and giving them a good clean. The cable was snagging somewhere - turned out to be the small loop of cable the sits between the top tube (seatpost) and the brake caliper - for some reason, Specialized decided it was a good idea to have a big kink in it. Cleaned it out, and rotated it 180 degrees - problem solved.