Faster, stronger, lighter... for under £1,000

by Adopted Tyke   August 23, 2013  

I have a Genesis CdF for commuting to work with thinner Schwalbe tyres. The journey is five miles road and 10 miles towpath.

I am looking for something faster and lighter though strong enough for a 14st 6 footer and would welcome suggestions for anything under the Cyle to Work threshold.

And I like classic/retro frame designs.

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My first question would be what's wrong with your current bike? The CdF is lovely and sounds perfect for the commute you do.

If you ride it harder it'll be YOU that get's lighter and faster (rather than the bike and your wallet) and that's got to be a good thing. I used to do a similar commute (on a Croix de Fer) but found that the towpath, whilst away from the traffic, was slowing me down: all those dogs, runners, drunks etc to watch out for. I switched to a busier route where I could properly put the hammer down and also take in some hills and that had the biggest effect on my fitness and speed.

Like you that then lead to me wanting a new bike but without the towpath requirement what I wanted was completely different (I went for a Ti road bike).

If you can afford it keep the CdF as your winter do-it-all bike and get something more road-specific for longer, faster, hillier rides. I really miss my Croix de Fer and wish I'd found a way to keep it.

Your preference for "retro" looks sounds like steel is what you want. Harder to get something very light for under £1000 in steel than in aluminium or carbon. You could do worse than stick with Genesis and the Equilibrium. Now is a good time for deals so you could get a higher spec bike at your price point.

posted by Pauldmorgan [196 posts]
24th August 2013 - 9:20


Great answer, thanks Paul Cool

posted by Adopted Tyke [2 posts]
24th August 2013 - 10:27


"Faster, stronger, lighter... for under £1,000"

Sounds like a good training plan Wink

I don't follow trends. Trends follow me.

posted by BBB [197 posts]
24th August 2013 - 14:01


Maybe the planet x cx bike or the flat bar version.
We are about the same size and weight and have a similar commute and I use a ridley cx bike.i wouldn't say it was significantly faster than your genesis.i would buy some better wheels and run tubeless that will save weight where it counts and keep the bike you have

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posted by pedalor [18 posts]
26th August 2013 - 8:59


yes, +1 for training - you can spend a LOT less than £1000, lose 10kg body weight, and suddenly you will fly up hills!

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posted by PJ McNally [594 posts]
27th August 2013 - 7:09