I have posted two (i think!) previous questions asking for advice, and yet again, i find myself asking for your help another time!
Please be patient, i am really quite confused, and overwhelmed with all the options, and differences available regarding buying a new bike!

I think (?) i have whittled my list down to four, these being;





I first liked the Kuoto because it was different, and because i'd never seen one on the road. Unfortunately, my LBS doesn't stock the Lite, so am unable to test ride.

The Focus has the best groupset by far (so i'm told!) but the bike itself (after having ridden it) left me cold, wasn't taken by the looks & i didn't feel that "wow" factor.

Rode the Cube yesterday from a different LBS (i usually frequent Primera Sports), the bike was/is a real looker.
Took it for a ride, and after five minutes the gears refused to engage! Took it back to the shop and explained (i even tried blaming myself!), his reaction was, probably needs a service!
Which, doesn't fill me with confidence in this particular LBS, why send me out on a bike that you probably knew needed a good service?

Am hoping to ride the Allez Elite this afternoon, so fingers crossed i'll at least like it!

Any advice would be very helpful!
Oh, and i'm buying the bike through the cycle2work scheme.

Thanks everyone for your time, and hopefully, help!


mooleur [537 posts] 4 years ago

Allez's...Alli... erm.. yeah. They're great bikes, super comfy and with all the responsiveness you'd expect from a specialized. The bike I ride in winter is an oversized 10yr old Allez and it's awesome, I actually climb better and quicker on that than I do on my carbon!

I ride a kuota, its great but climbs like a brick - though I am running one of their more "aero" frames so that's probably why.

Kuotas handle well on descents.

I'd buy a Focus, good rep, well made.

Spoken to a few mechanic friends about Cube in the past, apparently not the best value for money but no personal experience.

notfastenough [3729 posts] 4 years ago

Sounds an odd excuse for the Cube if it's a new bike.

As regards the Allez, it seems like everyone that's ridden one loves them.

If you feel that the Focus left you cold, ditch it from the shortlist, no question.

Can you get to an LBS that stocks Cannondale? I test rode a CAAD (same market segment as the Allez I think) and that was fun. Possibly leave you feeling beat up after a long ride though.

Super Domestique [1621 posts] 4 years ago
EK Spinner [99 posts] 4 years ago

I have ridden about 1000mls on my 2013 Cube Peleton Pro, I absolutely love it. The only problems I had were several punctures early on with the Ultremo ZX tyres it came with, once I changed them for something a little heavier but with much thicker walls (Lugano) not a single puncture.

It hasn't let me down Mechanically once, I have done several 80-100 mile rides including big climbs (Dukes Pass, Crow road etc) with no problems.

My only critisim would possibly be on comfort, I am considering a Carbon seatpost to get a little more flex into it.