I post this after recent articles on "menace cyclists" and the young girl who was knocked over by a cyclist on a shared path article on the blog here at roadcc.

As a "new" cyclist I was eager to try out our local cycle route through to Lochwinnoch from Glasgow. On my third outing and encouraging my wife to join me I felt compelled to mention to the "speeding" Cyclist who nearly knocked her off her bike, to watch the corners. The guy didn't take my comments to kindly and was protesting it was her fault, she was on the "wrong" side. I only mentioned it to him as the path was really busy. I could see he was fuming with me. He basically told me were to go and moved on. Shared path or not "people" have the right to walk on or cross it as they do the main road. Cyclists who cant see past there speed are indeed a "menace" to me. As a newbie cyclist I may be a menace to them to though  4 .

Since i have started cycling earlier this year I have been dismayed by the amount cyclists on this path and no doubt most cyclists who cant use a bell and think that shouting from behind that they are "coming up on the right" seems to be a safe way of manoeuvring past kids, family's and sometimes disabled persons as well as other cyclists.

I like to cycle on the road most of all. I consider myself a "road user" just like the cars and buses and disabled buggys that are also there. If there are red lights i stop. If there is a queue of traffic i stop behind them, not jumping lights or weaving through the traffic to "get in front".

Ding! Ding!


Meaulnes [70 posts] 4 years ago

The shared path on the run-up to Waterloo Station in London is really dangerous. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to leap out of the way as cyclists hare up the shared path at great speed to lock up and catch a train. Just chlll, the trains are always late anyway!

A V Lowe [621 posts] 4 years ago

Is it a shared use path? with the pedestrian route on the opposite side of the Station approach the cycle lane appears, through markings etc, to be a cycle route rather than a shared use one.

JohnnyRemo [222 posts] 4 years ago

Sorry to hear that. The Lochwinnoch cycle path is a fabulous asset in beautiful countryside. However there is a lot of "traffic" on it of very mixed ability. Club/racing cyclists use it a lot to miss out the dangerous A737 to get to the quieter Ayrshire lanes.

It would be great if there was some guidance for all users with a bit of riding (and walking) "etiquette" - particularly around slower users keeping an eye behind and faster users being considerate of those they are passing.

The basics of "Keep Left" would be a start. It's amazing how often you come across family groups who don't see you coming and scatter in every direction when you (finally) attract their attention.

Wouldn't matter if it's a bell, horn or blues'n'twos - it's the same result. I've given up shouting "on the right" as that seems to create even more confusion/panic and now just give a loud "Hup!" well in advance and hope they hear and move over, hopefully to the left.

Maybe time to approach Sustrans to consider some sign-age/posters/leaflets.

Marky2013 [2 posts] 4 years ago

Thanks for your valuable comments so far on the topic guys.

I agree it is a great track as Johnnyremo mentions. Some nice vista points along the route. I cant see cub/racing cyclists getting the best out of it especially when the "traffic" is so heavy but if it helps them avoid busy road sections then certainly be safer for them.

I am a novice cyclist as i say and i am happy to "ding" my bell as i go.