Road rage and knocked off

by kohakumark   August 15, 2013  

On Sunday 11August at approx 11.30 am I was deliberately knocked off my bike by a man driving an old green range rover on the A6 near whatstandwell, between Cromford and Amber gate.
The driver took objection to me shaking my head at him in his mirror after he pulled out in front of me, just before whatstandwell bridge, causing me to break heavily to avoid hitting him.
After twice getting out of the car to run at me across the road he decided to use the vehicle to hit me rather than his fists. The car didn't stop and the police want to talk to the driver as would I.
I have suffered multiple road rash, bruised shoulder and sternum and a broken hand, as well as £400 of damage to my bike.
If anybody lives in the area and knows of any old green range rovers or indeed witnessed the incident, please can you let me know. Any help towards catching this person would be greatly appreciated.
The driver was of a large build and in his late 50s/60s with grey hair, there was also a woman in the car at the time with grey hair.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Sounds horrific, I hope you make a quick recovery and that this does not put you off riding - these events are very rare

Although I'm generally against the principle, I guess this is a scenario where you could really do with a helmet cam

Hopefully some CCTV or witnesses will come to your aid

posted by 700c [587 posts]
15th August 2013 - 14:47


Brutal, hope you mend soon, I try and keep my head shakes etc to myself as I am not a fighter.

posted by SammyG [295 posts]
15th August 2013 - 17:43


Dreadful story. Hope the police find him and throw a large and heavy book at him

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

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15th August 2013 - 19:01


There are a couple of things you can try.
1 - old green Range Rovers are rare the police can do research on PNC but they will at least need a starting point. Did you get any part of the index?
2 - I don't know what the area where it happened is like, however enquire about the location of ANPR cameras and or CCTV. Also there is always the option of local residents having their own cameras. A leaflet drop in the area of the incident could help.

Unfortunately these are long shots, without a few hints as to the identity of the vehicle, tracking it down will be difficult. At least you should be able to provide a good description of the driver. Did the police attend the scene? Or did you report it at a later date?
Being a cyclist as well as in 'the job' finding someone like that would be most enjoyable! I know it was for me when someone tried to aquaint me more closely with the tarmac! However also with the amount of work and lack of time most officers have at the minute, things will unfortunately most likely not happen quickly.

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15th August 2013 - 20:04


And then there is the issue of what the CPS will decide when he is found! But don't get me started with that!..........

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15th August 2013 - 20:05


Sorry to hear this. I'm not too far away and know the area, and unfortunately just as there will be little cctv in the area there will also be a good number of similar such cars I bet. I'll certainly be a bit more wary now though! Only CCTV I can think of around there would be possibly the petrol station at Ambergate, the speed camera just up from the Hurt Arms or maybe Whatstandwell station? Have you tried the local clubs... there are lots of popular routes around and someone may have been around or had similar experiences? Hope you and the bike are on the mend.

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15th August 2013 - 20:12


That is shitty mate, I hope you heal fast.

You could try posting on singletrack too, it gets a hell of a lot of visitors.

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15th August 2013 - 21:12


And Bikeradar, seems to get a bit more traffic than here too

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15th August 2013 - 22:31


A few months ago I had a run in with a man in a green land rover, around 50's age, quite posh accent wearing farmer style clothing - but this was in Leicester so seems like perhaps coincidence. I hope the police catch him and that you have a speedy recovery!

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16th August 2013 - 11:08


Sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience and I hope you heal soon.
I do hope you can find this idiot and the police throw the book at him. An attempted murder charge would be a good one if events played out as articulated.
Sadly having had a similar experience with white van man who declared "I am going to f@#&ing kill you" and drove me off the road where thankfully a lamp post prevented him getting his way. I reported it but plod declared a lack of evidence....
My crime by the way was to give white van man a blast of my horn as he pulled out of a parking spot with no indication and without looking...
It is worth reporting though as if there is a pattern of evidence/behaviour then it might swing the decision to prosecute.
Good luck

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16th August 2013 - 11:28


I'm opposed to the idea of a helmet cam, but I think it's inevitable unfortunately. Hope you heal quick.

Last night I would have considered trading a very loud baby for a really nice bike.

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16th August 2013 - 11:30


Thanks to everyone, for your comments.
The police have looked at the cameras near to the incident, an hour either side of the event but found nothing.
The local papers are taking an interest and publishing articles to find any witness`s.
Hopefully someone will come forward that knows the whereabouts of the range rover.

posted by kohakumark [23 posts]
16th August 2013 - 12:41

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16th August 2013 - 18:11


I think I saw this guy driving down from holbrooke toward little eaton tonight. B reg olive green old army style range rover. I had heard of this story and clocked it as it drove passed. Big grey haired chap in a pinkish jumper.
To be fair he didn't cause me any grieve and actually have me a very wide berth (which was odd in itself...)

Sorry I can't remember the full reg. I think it was B231 then some combination of xcz I think.

I don't think that's much help but it does suggest he is local and still happily driving around, so he shouldn't be difficult to find.

I am sure if he drives around there the chain gang would love him to stop for a chat (as long as there is a good turn out...)


posted by martintastic [2 posts]
16th August 2013 - 18:50


Think I might have seen it Wirksworth today, S reg but driver fits the description. Have messaged on facebook with the partial plate I got.

posted by davkt [37 posts]
18th August 2013 - 17:23


Probably best not to post regs here when you don't know it's the culprit... could be posting some innocent person's reg and associating them with the crime.

posted by eurotrash [82 posts]
19th August 2013 - 6:42